Hideki Nakazawa - Brainwaves Drawing

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No. 19 Hideki Nakazawa
Brainwaves Drawing 2006

Project Starts - Oct 21, 2006
Live Performance - Nov 4&5
Exhibition Ends - Dec 24
Open Studio at Fuchu Art Museum
Supported by Nihon Kohden

Not to Draw by Hand. To Draw by Brain.

Flyer for the Live Performance front back text (J)
Info on Open Studio No. 36 at Fuchu Art Museum link (J)
Flyer for the Exhibition front back text (J)

Blog Brain Waves Diary (J) Chisai Fujita, assistant
PEELER PEOPLE (J) REVIEW (J) Chisai Fujita, assistant

Photo of inside of the studio at the performance
Photo of outside of the studio at the performance
View of the exhibition

Brain Waves Drawing No. 7 (#2 of the 2nd Performance on November 4, 2006)@24.5 x 300.0 cm whole part
Brain Waves Drawing No. 19 (#4 of the 2nd Performance on November 5, 2006)@24.5 x 300.0 cm whole part

flyer flyer flyer flyer photo photo photo photo photo

- I am selling and showing "Brainwaves Drawing Set" at the exhibition "Multi(Multi)(ple(s))" held at The Container from Dec 2, 2013 to Feb 17, 2014.
http://the-container.com/ shop/brainwaves-drawing-set/
- "Brainwaves Drawing Set" (ed. 20) includes: [1] Poster with Artist's Autogragh, [2] Booklet of "Studies," [3] Leaflet of "Open Studio" (Fuchu Art Museum), [4] Flyer for the Performance (Fuchu Art Museum), [5] Note for the Set.
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2014/01h.jpg 01i.jpg
- Especially "[5] Note for the Set" by Masamichi Tamura is brief and to the point. (E) http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2014/01g.pdf
- cf. Presenting plain brainwaves as drawing not as a parameter (J) http://togetter.com/li/129656

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