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by Hideki Nakazawa

"Method Music Concert"
7 pm on Saturday, September 27 at Goliath Visual Space, Brooklyn

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Music pieces by four Methodicists, present and former, will be performed. Some of those will be played by Fumie Hihara, a Japanese koto player. The place is where Nakazawa's solo exhibition is to be held.

Tomomi Adachi (musician) -- "Method Music No. 8, #3" (2001)
Shigeru Matsui (poet) -- "Summer in Tokyo" (2002)*, "Etude for Reading No. 1 - 6 (Arranged for Koto)" (2003)*
Masahiro Miwa (composer) -- "'The Matarisama' for XOR Ensemble by 8 Players" (2002)
Hideki Nakazawa (artist) -- "Japanese Syllabic Invention in Two Voices" (1997), "Japanese Syllabic Canon in Two Voices" (1997), "After Hanon No. 1 - 3 for a Thirteen-String-Koto in 5 Parts" (2002)*

*Koto Player:
Fumie Hihara -- Graduated from Traditional Japanese Music Course, Tokyo Univ. of Fine Art and Music. She holds solo recitals, collaborates with other players from other genres, and researches and restores ancient Japanese kotos.

METHOD NIGHT VOL. 9 will be the last METHOD NIGHT, the series of monthly events since January, 2003. METHODICISM was launched in Japan in 2000, when Nakazawa et al. drafted "Method Painting, Method Poem, Method Music (Methodicist Manifesto)." Nakazawa's activities in NYC with a support from Japanese Government will end in October, 2003.

Past METHOD NIGHTs: 8-Train Transfer, 7-Talk Battle with Barbara Pollack, 6-Talk with Reiko Tomii on 'Method Art Festival,' 5-Coined Words Reading, 4-Method Dance, 3-Digital Clay, 2-Mass Measurement, 1-Method Cocktail.

Hideki Nakazawa's Solo Exhibition: Goliath Visual Space, September 20 - October 12, 2003.
Hours...1-6 pm on Sat-Sun, OR, by appointment on Mon-Fri (GVS 1.718.389.0369, Nakazawa 1.646.361.9130).
117 Dobbin St., Brooklyn, NYC. (G, Nassau Ave. / L, Bedford Ave.) www.goliath777.com


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