Hideki Nakazawa
[no japanese]

Solo Show at Goliath Visual Space (Space II) in Greenpoint
Sep 20-Oct 12, 2003

117 Dobbin St., Brklyn, NYC.(G, Nassau / L, Bedford) www.goliath777.com

Opening Reception: 6-9 pm on Sat, Sep 20.

"Method Music Concert" by Hideki Nakazawa
7 pm on Sat, Sep 27.

Hours: 1-6 pm on Sat-Sun, by appointment on Mon-Fri
(GVS 718.389.0369, Nakazawa 646.361.9130).

Nakazawa will exhibit new works using pulleys according to his "method."

DM in pdf

For immediate release

[NEW] Web Piece (Simulator & photos) in METHOD NO. 27

cf.1 in pdf
Rope No. 1 with 15 Pulleys and 6 Weights (working title), 2003
: new work for the show at Goliath

cf.2 in pdf
Single Curved Line with 768 Inflection Points, 1997

cf.3 in pdf
Single Curved Line with 654 Inflection Points, 2000

cf.4 in pdf
Letter-Coordinates-Type Painting No. 4 of 53 Letters by 53 Lines, 2003

cf.5 in jpg
US$2.84 Which Consists of 220 Coins (Money Amount No. 26), 2002

cf.6 in jpg
Circuit No. 2 of a Regular Hexahedron Type, 2002