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SAI GALLERY, Oct. - Nov. 2002


Hideki Nakazawa, who advocates METHODICISM which claims to obey logic, not sence, has been making "method paintings" for several years, using signs like letters or coins as pixels instead of oils or CG dots. His new series "Set," which are going to be shown this time, are the essencial and radical works although they look minimum and ascetic. He noticed that a "set" is an accumulation of "elements" in mathematics, and that a "painting" is an accumulation of "pixels" in art. Thus, his aim is to present a "set" as the essential existence of a painting. For example, Japanese words chosen from the Kojien Dictionary according to a certain rule are the "elements" (= pixels) of the "set" (= painting), which will be printed on ordinary paper to be shown.

- The piece shown in the card:
"Set No. 5 Which Consists of 187 Japanese Words" (2002)
All of the words made by repeating the same pronunciation twice like "Aa" (ah!), "kiki" (crisis), "haha" (mother), are chosen from the dictionary.

- cf. old piece:
"353100 Yen Which Consists of 149101 Coins (Money Amount No. 23)"
shown at Kyoto Art Center from March 8 to 24, 2002
photo by Kazuo Fukunaga
The 149101 coins were arranged in order. Those coins were put as color dots.

- Solo show "Circuit" at GALLERY CELLAR

- Brief History of Hideki Nakazawa