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GALLERY CELLAR, Oct. - Nov. 2002


Hideki Nakazawa, who advocates METHODICISM which claims to obey logic, not sence, considers pointillism (color) and line drawings (form) to be the matters which art should treat. He has been successively showing the former, "pointillist" works, using letters or coins at the Gallery Cellar or others. However, the exhibition this time will be his first showing to present only the latter, "line drawing" works. His new series "Circuit" are the works which use only batteries and midget lamps and cords, all of which are well known materials learned at school. He shows simple but complex electric circuits, replacing 3D-structures like cubes or regular octahedrons into 1D-structures made of "lines." In this case, the batteries are the authorities, the lamps are the meanings, and the circuits are the devices which incarnate authorities into meanings. Besides, the fact that at least two batteries exsist in one circuit would symbolize the plurality of the authorities, that is, the collage in the context of art.

- The piece shown in the card:
"Circuit No. 2 of a Regular Hexahedron Type" (2002)
(The card is a wiring diagram.) (Photo at WINDS CAFE 69)
This circuit is topologically congruent to a cube (regular hexahedron). Two batteries are connected with ten midget lamps.

- cf. old piece:
"353100 Yen Which Consists of 149101 Coins (Money Amount No. 23)"
shown at Gallery Cellar, Nagoya, from April 6 to 27, 2002
photo by Harunori Hasegawa
The 149101 coins were arranged in disorder. Those coins were put as color dots.

- Solo show "Set" at SAI GALLERY

- Brief History of Hideki Nakazawa