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Hideki Nakazawa
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NAKAZAWA, Hideki →Japanese

1963  Born in Niigata, Japan
1988  Graduated in Medicine from Chiba University

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015  "Crossed Eyes," Gallery Cellar, Tokyo
2014  "Colored Magic Square," Gallery Cellar, Tokyo
2014  "Anti-Anti-Aliasing," Gallery Cellar, Tokyo
2013  "Not Anything-Goes," Gallery Cellar, Tokyo
2012  "Art Viewed With Brain," Kichijoji Art Museum, Tokyo
2012  "Systems and Methods in Hidden Functions," The Container, Tokyo
2011  "Screaming Landscape," Gallery Cellar, Tokyo
2009  "Summer Solo Exhibition 2009," Gallery Cellar, Tokyo
2008  Gallery Okinawa
2008  "Oil Painting 2008," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2007  "The Entire Picture of Hideki Nakazawa  - Paintings in Symbols and Colors -," Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
2007  "Stamps," Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art, Okayama
2007  "Intracerebral Color Mixture Paintings," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2006  "Gray Paintings," Tower 49, New York
2005  "Art Patents," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2005  "Hideki Nakazawa's Second Stage: Exhibition of His Silly CG From 1990 to 1996," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2004  "Hideki Nakazawa's Starting Point: Exhibition of His Acrylic Paintings in 1980s," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2004  "Sentence," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2003  Goliath Visual Space, New York
2002  "Set," SAI Gallery, Osaka
2002  "Circuit," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2002  "Money Amount II," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2001  "Method," Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2001  "Money Amount," Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
2001  "Mass," Roentgen Kunstraum, Tokyo
2000  Sano Gallery, Kagawa
1999  Gallery NW House, Tokyo
1997  Gallery NW House, Tokyo
1991  "Parody, Counterfeit," Gallery Art Wad's & HB Gallery, Tokyo
1990  "Dai Boketsu [Big Failure]," HB Gallery, Tokyo
1988  "Farewell, Martian!" Gallery Art Wad's, Tokyo
1986  "Effie, Madge, Tina, Louise, Betty, Anita," Gallery Art Wad's, Tokyo
1986  "First Solo Exhibition," Gallery Art Wad's, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015  "Nameko Shinsan x Hideki Nakazawa: N Dimensions," Tetoka, Tokyo
2013  "Thermodynamics of the Sun,"  Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Tochigi
2013  "Open Space 2013," NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], Tokyo
2013  "Jun Tsuzuki x Hideki Nakazawa: Early Illustrations and Recent Works," Bunpodo Gallery, Tokyo
2010  "A Study on Matiere: Yayoi Kusama 1980s vs Hideki Nakazawa 1990," Gallery Cellar, Tokyo
2009  "CREAM International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009," Yokohama
2009  "Art & Chinese Character," Gallery Yookgongsa, Busan, Korea
2008  "The Masked Portrait," Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York
2007  "Paintings As Forest: Think in the Paintings," Okazaki Art Museum, Aichi
2006  "Aporia," EFA Gallery, New York
2006  "A Self-Organizing Map of Beauty: Hideki Nakazawa and Nicholas Knight," Akus Gallery, Connecticut, U.S.
2006  "Domani 2006," Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Tokyo
2004  "Zai Shoku Ken Bi - Art & Money," Base Gallery, Tokyo
2004  "ICANOF Media Art Show 2004 Summer: Scalpless Llandssscape," Hachinohe City Museum of Art, Aomori
2004  "MOT Annual 2004: From Where Did I Come? / To Where Will I Go?" Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Tokyo
2003  "Drawing Conclusions II: Work by Artist-Writers," NY Arts Gallery, New York
2003  "Revolving Door: iscp-asia," Chambers Fine Art, New York
2003  "VOCA 2003 The Vision of Contemporary Art," Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2002  "Japan and Korea Contemporary Prints Exhibition," OM Gallery, Yokohama
2002  "ReImagination," Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo
2002  "Program Seed," Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto
2001  Hospital Gallery, Ehime
2001  "Dialogue 2001," Canadian Embassy Gallery, Tokyo
2001  "The 6th Kitakyushu Biennale: The Beginning of Things," Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Fukuoka
2001  "Media Messages: Look Thru Language," Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi
2000  "Mediaselect 2000," Garden Pier, Port of Nagoya, Nagoya
1998  "Eyes and Ears ... between the narrow space," SAI Gallery, Osaka
1998  "PICAF: Pusan International Contemporary Art Fair," Pusan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan, Korea
1998  "Inter@ction JAPON," Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci, la Defense, France
1993  "3D Love," Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
1991  "Digital Sight," O Museum, Tokyo
1991  "The Museum Inside The Telephone Network," NTT Telephone Network

Selected Manifestos and Events
2010  "New-Methodicist Manifesto," Email Bulletin "New-Method" ( -2012)
2006  Performance "Brainwaves Drawing," Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo
2003  Monthly Events "METHOD NIGHT," New York
2002  "The 2nd Method Art Festival," Asagaya Gallery Warehouse, Tokyo
2001  "The 1st Method Art Festival," Kitakyushu City & Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art
2000  "Method Painting, Method Poem, Method Music (Methodicist Manifesto)," Email Bulletin "Method" ( -2004)

Selected Awards
2003  VOCA 2003, The Premium Prize
1995  Multimedia Grand Prix '95, The MMA Artist Prize
1990  The 8th Choice, The Prize of The Year
1984  The 5th Nippon Graphic Exhibition, Selected Honorably
1984  The 1st Crescent Competition, The Premium Prize
1981  The 11th Kanagawa Youth's Art Exhibition, The Semigrand Prize

Selected Artist-In-Residences
2005  "C. A. R. K. The Contemporary Artists in Residence in Kanazawa," Kanazawa College of Art + Cork Artists Collective
2004  "Yatsuo Slow Art Show 2004," Yatsuo, Toyama
2002  ISCP, New York, The Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for Artists ( -2003)
2000  Banff Artist in Residence, sponsored by the Mercian Corporation

Selected Artist's Publications and Patents
"Art Patents," [book], 3331 Arts Chiyoda, 2010
"Contemporary Art History: Japan" [book], Aloalo International, 2008
"Nakazawa Hideki Music Works" [CD], naya records, 2006
"209 Same Characters No. 1 - No. 5" [lithograph], Print House OM, 2002
"The Lives of Western Painters" [book], NTT Shuppan Inc., 2001
"Digital Nendo [Digital Clay]" [application software], Ask Co., Ltd., 1996
"Solid Obdect Generation" [patent], invented in 1996, patented in 1998 (U.S.A.), 2001 (Japan)
"Voxel Data Processing Using Attributes Thereof" [patent] invented in 1996, patented in 1999 (Japan), 2000 (U.S.A.)
"Kid's Box" [CD-ROM] Ask Co., Ltd., 1995
"Textbook on Modern Art History" [book] Tom's Box, 1989

Selected Literature
Ishii, Kae "Art of Hideki Nakazawa" Tom's Box, 2008
Saito, Tamaki 'Hideki Nakazawa: "Face" and "Method"' "Artists are Dancing on the Border Line" Misuzu Shobo, 2008
Chiba, Shigeo 'Luminous Resignation' "LR" Vol. 11, 1999

Public Collections
Hiratsuka Museum of Art
Fuchu Art Museum
The Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company
Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art
Mercian Corporation
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

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Hideki Nakazawa

Hideki Nakazawa
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