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Mass Measurement
by Hideki Nakazawa, 2002

This performance piece has two stages. In the 1st stage, two things are scaled together, e.g. A+B, B+C, C+D, D+E. In the 2nd stage, the last thing and the first thing are scaled together, e.g. E+A. Each thing's mass can be known only when the number of things is odd.

I performed this piece twice, that is, on April 14 and 28, 2002, as a piece on the program of the Second Method Art Festival, held at Asagaya Gallery Warehouse (old Taiyo Drugstore) in Tokyo. I put here the latter data, that is, April 28. Hideki Nakazawa and Akito Takimoto carried out this piece on that day. Thanks to those who offered his/her things to be scaled.

1st stage

2nd stage



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