"New-Method" No. 13

"New-Method" No. 13

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 13 with our works and guest contributions.  On 27th of this August, we held the "Uploading Event."  This issue features Yasuko Toyoshima, a conceptual artist for the contributor.


catch and release _ my upload event.
Yasuko Toyoshima (Conceptual Artist)

I used to keep uploading video files almost habitually.  They were made public to anyone.
It was a fairly short period between 2007 and 2008.  Eventually I came to delete all of them.

All these were about Sumo.  I produced videos or slide-shows out of materials like matches from Sandan-joi to Musubi classes by NHK-BS2 live-broadcast or movies and pictures I took by myself when I went there to watch the matches.  I also arranged comments by NHK announcers or remarks of Sumo stable bosses as amusing elements.  Then I kept mashing-up songs in my iTunes with those videos over and over again.

I had an incident.
The video-sharing website displayed "related videos" at the right side of its main screen, where videos with relevant tags or titles are listed.  I was watching videos I uploaded, almost intoxicated, then suddenly came across a video with the identical title to the one I uploaded in the related videos.  I found it was what I "produced."  Somebody seemed to have downloaded mine then uploaded it without my permission.  I synchronized Ama vs Asashoryu match with a song "Keikoku [Caution]" by Ringo Sheena.  I banned the user from the channel.  "Stolen!" I felt.  Of course, I was aware that I was bearing a considerable paradox.  My intuition and logic had been confused concerning possession.

It was the time of the summer tournament 2008.  I had come to receive a number of messages.  They were Sumo fans from Mongol, America, Greece, Czech, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Argentina and United Kingdom, writing "Thank you for the latest Sumo matches."  More and more people came to subscribe my channel and send messages to me.  All of them were anticipating Sumo videos which I uploaded in real-time (I had been obsessed so).  I hustled for them, uploading all the matches from Sandan-joi to Makushita, Juryo, and Maku-uchi.  In addition, I inserted champion interviews of each class.  I began feeling sorry to the subscribers for synchronizing my favorite songs with Sumo matches.  I came to feel frightened about whether such arrangements had happened to be vulgar as a Sumo fan and committed blasphemy against both Sumo and these songs.  "Let's keep them for a while," I decided.  Nevertheless, I couldn't stop.  I couldn't help occasionally watching videos matches of wrestlers I had felt attractive, editing its speed and adding my favorite songs.  I had been addicted.  Uploading them again, I switched its access setting between private and public day by day.  As if reflecting my unstable mood, private/public setting had changed all the time.
After the summer tournament 2008, having completed uploading all of the video files, I had found it difficult to get to sleep, worrying "I must go mad if I continue such a thing" during midnight.  I had already uploaded over 1300 videos.

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[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama
"Impression, Sunrise" is the work that Claude Monet produced
"Impression, Sunrise" is a painting by French painter Claude Monet(1840-1926), dated 1872.
As of now it has been on display at the Marmottan Monet Museum.

- Shogo Baba
Ascending Order Sort No. 5 "Gnome Sort"
Gnome Sort is a method which supposedly a gnome, spirit of the earth, used to sort potted plants.  The method is very simple, and can be conceived before invention of the computing machinery.

- Hideki Nakazawa
Source and Execution No. 70 - 73
I input every 10 integers from 10 to 250 regularly for 25 numerical values on stylesheet which define the background, two boxes and font sizes.  While singularity was prominent in the previous No. 66 - 69 in their arranging one box alone, spatiality and collage-ness have been raised in these four works in their juxtaposing two boxes.  Appearance will remarkably change along with balance between window size and magnification, as well as with the language specifications of either Japanese or English.


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[Editor's Note]

Recently, I've got absorbed in Yuzo Kayama and "Battles Without Honor and Humanity"(film).  If the "Uploading Event" by New-Method were held now, I would single-mindedly upload files about these two only to satisfy my craving for such taste.  (Kaido)

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Published on Nov. 4, 2011

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