"New-Method" No. 8

"New-Method" No. 8

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 8 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Tsubasa Tanaka for the contributor, a musician and researcher of music informatics who has once written a paper on "Method Old Maid," a collaboration work by (Old-)Methodicists.


New-Method Old Maid - a work as a psychological process of the audience
Tsubasa Tanaka (Musician, Music Informatics Researcher, Method Old Maid Researcher)

In a performance event in Nanahari (Tokyo) in March 2011, "New-Method Old Maid," a work of "New-Method," was performed for the first time by "New-Method" themselves.  The program seemed quite meaningful because it also included "Method Old Maid," a work of "(Old-)Method," so that the audience must have come to the event with expecting "new taste" in the new work.  However, the expectation was completely betrayed.  In fact, "New-Method Old Maid" was nothing more than "Old Maid."  Despite it, we found the work as fulfilling experience.

"Method Old Maid," conducted at first in the event, is a variation of "Old Maid" to which one new rule is added to alter its essence.  Audience without previous knowledge will try to detect how it differs from ordinary "Old Maid," and sooner or later, notice regularities "a card is always drawn from one end to be replaced to the other end," or "the order of cards remains unchanged."  Players are revealed to have played strange "Old Maid" with no freedom of choice, in which the essence of the game, the chance of Joker up to players' choice, is completely altered.  Having witnessed this "Method Old Maid," audience will inadvertently expect some new rules in "New-Method Old Maid" as well.

"New-Method Old Maid" was conducted among audience ready in such psychological conditions.  The audience must have speculated about where the players draw cards from or whether the players give somewhat signs, making hypotheses and facing refutations repeatedly in their mind.  On the other hand, players had looked enjoying the game called "New-Method Old Maid," pushing up a card against others or making a feint when choosing cards.  Funny though, the audience had come to feel irritated and upset with the cards in players' hands decreasing, because they had not yet managed to understand the "rule."  Then, something surprising happened.  One of the players, Nakazawa, dared to shuffle his cards!!  It must violate the "rule" defining "New-Method Old Maid"!!...no way...but, what if there was no "rule" ?...

With this last hypothesis just appearing, the game was concluded as well as concluding the event itself.  As such, "New-Method Old Maid" is an ingenious work of temporal art composed as a psychological process of audience recognizing "no rule is given" to "New-Method Old Maid" unlike "Method Old Maid."  What made it possible are the preceding performance of "Method Old Maid" and the free "domain of performance" which musicians or actors have.  These are the outside of the "work."

cf. Probabilistic Control of the Number of Games in "Method Old Maid" Using Its Asymmetry

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- Takahiro Hirama
The cat
Cat is a sort of Mammalia, classified as the order Carnivora.
The Mammalia is one of the taxonomic classifications.
They are also bred as pets all over the world.

- Shogo Baba
720 permutation moves by six lines
A permutation of six elements, apprehended as time-oriented, can be regarded as six lines moving either right, left or ahead.  By presenting these six lines concurrently, its structure constitutes counterpoint in music.

- Hideki Nakazawa
Source and Execution No. 45 - 50
Assume that two webpages are given.  Assume that these webpages have a link to either of the other or oneself, or have links to both.  These two pages have six possible combinations.  You are given the chance of toggling between the pages unwillingly, moving to the other only once, having no other choice than to keep clicking the same page, or appreciating freedom of choosing either of these two webpages.


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Published on May 4, 2011

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