Today's Method Art

Hello from Hideki Nakazawa, artist.

- Will talk.  Will be realized.
Talk and Realization "Today's Method Art"
Related to Shigeru Matsui Exhibition
2pm on Feb 22, 2009 at AD&A Gallery, Osaka
Motoaki Shinohara (poet, Mabusabi-An)
Masahiro Miwa (composer)
Hideki Nakazawa (artist)
Shigeru Matsui (poet)
Shigeru Matsui "Chinese Numeral Poem for Ten Minutes"
Hideki Nakazawa, Shigeru Matsui, Tomomi Adachi "Method Cocktail"
Hideki Nakazawa, Shigeru Matsui, Masahiro Miwa "Method Old Maid"
Akiko Hata, Megumi Takashima, Michiko Haga, Natsu Minami

- Will be an on-line discussant. (in English)
YASMIN discussion on ARTISTS AS INVENTORS March 2009
March 1 - 31, 2009
Moderator: Robert Thill
Discussants: Derek Hales, Arantxa Mendiharat, Hideki Nakazawa, Barbara U. Schmidt, Colette Tron

- Being exhibited.
"Gray Painting #1 (With Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)" and others
Recent Collections Focusing Contemporary Art
Feb 14 - Mar 15, 2009 at Fuchu Art museum, Tokyo

- Being exhibited.
"41193 Yen Which Consists of 19235 Coins (Money Amount No. 24)"
Collections III
Feb 19 - Mar 6, 2009 at Dai-ichi Life Gallery, Tokyo

- Being carried. (in Japanese)
"Method of Art and Art of Method"
Philosophy Vol.7, Iwanami Lecture Series
* I wrote on my Art Patents and Methodicism.

- Being carried. (in Japanese)
"Collage Called Ware-Hada, Cogito in a Defeated Nation"
Essays of Masayuki Nagare's Art Works, Bijutsu Shuppan Sha
* This will be the sub-text for Contemporary Art History: Japan.

- Being carried. (in Japanese)
"Preface and Postscript Talk: Jun Tsuzuki x Hideki Nakazawa"
Pop Illustrations in the 1980s, Aspect
* The theme was Heta-Uma (Bad-Good) which I talked on at LESSON.

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2009-02-20 Distributed in English and Japanese. Updated the website.
- This site is made in person by Hideki Nakazawa.
- Make contact with Gallery Cellar for Nakazawa's works, writings, lectures and others. Email to including CC to .
- Made a page for the co-work "Method Cocktail" by Hideki Nakazawa, Shigeru Matsui, Tomomi Adachi.
- Made a page for the co-work "Method Old Maid" by Hideki Nakazawa, Shigeru Matsui, Masahiro Miwa.
2009-03-15 Wrote.
- YASMIN discussion on ARTISTS AS INVENTORS is going on now. One more discussant Sylvie Lacerte joined us after I distributed the above message. The page for announcement has been updated: My first post can be read here: (Sorry for my misspellings.)
- Today I multiposted bcc email in Japanese announcing (1) 80s Talk on "Heta-Uma" (Bad-Good) with Suzy Amakane and Hitoshi Odajima on Mar 19, (2) the 6th performance of "Method Old Maid" on Mar 21, and (3) a review which I wrote on Seiichi Niikuni appeared in Bijutsu Techo. Click here to read in Japanese.
2009-03-21 Wrote.
- Today I made a webpage for the IMAGES for "80s Talk" held on Mar 19. Please have a look! IMAGES for "80s Talk"
2009-04-04 Wrote.
- Some of my small new works are now exhibited through tomorrow at Gallery Cellar's booth at Art Fair Tokyo 2009. Booth No. is E04.
- YASMIN discussion on ARTISTS AS INVENTORS was over. I posted 5 messages in total through the discussion. You can read them from the following links: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
- I uploaded jpg data of the resume for the above lecture held on Dec 13, 2008 at workroom*A, "LESSON 06: Year of 1913 in The History of Western Style Paintings in Japan - Anti-Academic Fauvism As The Origine of Heta-Uma -." Click here to see them (Sorry in Japanese). This theme is linked to the "80s Talk" held on Mar 19, 2009 at NADiff a/p/a/r/t.
2009-06-01 Wrote.
- Newly I made a page of "Notebook" here today. I will unify mess of various arrived information and notice of updating webpages according to time on this "Notebook" from now on, thank you.

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