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by Hideki Nakazawa

Performance "Train Transfer"
Along the NYC Subways 1,2,3,9 on Thu, Aug 21.

(1) Meet at around 5:30 pm at Chambers Fine Art Gallery at Chelsea, OR,
(2) Meet at 6:30 pm SHARP at the north end of the platform for uptown trains at the 14 St Station of Subways 1,2,3,9 (Seventh Avenue Red Lines).

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Performance piece "Train Transfer with 9 Reverses" was composed and premiered in 2001 in Japan by Hideki Nakazawa (artist), Shigeru Matsui (poet), and Tomomi Adachi (musician). This time in 2003 in New York City, Nakazawa will ride on a train along the subways 1,2,3,9 with audiences. Please pay your own transit fare by yourself. Do not take photos unless authorized. The performance will begin from the 14 St Station at 6:30 pm SHARP; do not be late. Or, you are welcome to join him around an hour earlier at Chambers Fine Art Gallery at Chelsea, where his floor piece "US$1000.00 Which Consists of 40384 Coins (Money Amount No. 34)" is currently exhibited in a group show. [Chambers Fine Art : 210 Eleventh Ave., 2nd fl., NYC. (corner W 25th St.)]

METHOD NIGHT is a monthly event presented by Hideki Nakazawa, a Japanese artist, who calls himself a METHODICIST. METHODICISM was launched in Japan in 2000, when Nakazawa et al. drafted "Method Painting, Method Poem, Method Music (Methodicist Manifesto)." Having finished his program at ISCP last month, Nakazawa is now doing his activities staying in NYC with a support from Japanese Government.

Coming METHOD NIGHT : 9-Method Music Concert (Last Method Night) at Goliath Visual Space in September.
Past METHOD NIGHTs: 7-Talk Battle with Barbara Pollack, 6-Talk with Reiko Tomii on 'Method Art Festival,' 5-Coined Words Reading, 4-Method Dance, 3-Digital Clay, 2-Mass Measurement, 1-Method Cocktail.


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