Hideki Nakazawa
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by Hideki Nakazawa

7 pm on Friday, February 21
323 w 39th nyc, Studio 610 at iscp

Performance "Mass Measurement" & Open Discussion

pdf 1 announcement
pdf 2 manifestos and the brief history of METHODICISM

METHOD NIGHT VOL. 2 is a monthly event on METHOD ART and METHODICISM, presented by Hideki Nakazawa, a Japanese artist, who calls himself a METHODICIST.

Hideki Nakazawa will measure the mass of your belongings, as a performance piece. "Mass Measurement" was composed in 2002 by Hideki Nakazawa. It will take about a half hour.

After the performance, there will be an open discussion for about half an hour. It will relate to METHODICISM, which was launched in Japan in 2000, when Nakazawa et al. drafted "Method Painting, Method Poem, Method Music (Methodicist Manifesto)." The group has been publishing the email-bulletin, "METHOD," ever since then. To subscribe for this bulletin, email: nakazawa@aloalo.co.jp

We would like to have a small party after the discussion. Bring something to drink and any snacks you fancy if you prefer to remain awhile.

Begins at 7 pm on Friday, February 21, 2003. Admission free.
Hideki Nakazawa's studio, #610 at ISCP: 6th Floor of 323 West 39th Street, New York NY 10018
between 8th and 9th Avenues; A, C, E to 42nd Street, exit at 40th
tel 212.947.0752 cell 646.361.9130 email: nakazawa@aloalo.co.jp http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/

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