Method Dance, Method Talk, Method Art
Hideki Nakazawa's informal show at his studio #307 JPL

2:00p.m.~ December 7 (Thu), 2000

1. Method Dance Study on LABANOTATION will be performed by Maria Jose de le Macorra.
2. Show of "Banff email piece" and "Money amount," his art projects in Banff.
3. Workshop of "DIGITAL NENDO"(=CLAY), world's first bitmap 3D, which he invented in 1996.
4. Realization of "Numeral Poetry," playing "Japanese syllabic polyphonies" on cassette tape.
5. Method Talk on past his works including which were not shown at his 10 minutes presentation.
6. Method Talk on "Methodicism Manifesto" which he published on Jan.1, 2000.
7. Before Method: FUNNY CG animations and illustrations which he created as an illustrator before 1997.
8. Summary of Western art history on which he is now writing a book...depending on your request. He will finish this private show by 3:45 PM.

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