Email-Bulletin "METHOD" is a free monthly, being published
by the three Methodicists in Japan, Nakazawa Hideki
(artist), Matsui Shigeru (poet), Miwa Masahiro (composer).
Manifestos of Methodicism:

We, the three Methodicists, will publish the specialized
final number of this bulletin on December 31, 2004, which
will mean that our activities as the group of the
Methodicists that lasted for fully five years will end on
that day.  By the way, "The First Solo Performance of The
Method Machine" will be held on December 5.


Five Or Eight Years of Method Painting
by Nakazawa Hideki, artist

      Almost five years have passed since I called my works
Method Painting through publishing the Methodicist Manifesto
on January 1, 2000.  Of course, my style using letters or
numbers preceded the manifesto for three years.  I can say
almost eight years have passed since I started Method
      Making works using some methods or systems is not so
novel.  Method Painting has an aspect of neo-classicism in
that sense.  However, I think it unique that using some
methods or systems in connection with color theory where no
physical color like red or blue is used.  In that sense, the
five or eight years of Method Painting have been the
precious time of radicalism in both theory and practice.
      After an interval of eight years, I finally used
physical color again in my web-piece appeared in the
previous issue of this bulletin and in my new work made
during an A.I.R. in Yatsuo last month.  The use of red and
blue and other colors does not simply mean Method Painting
having been over and physical color painting being to be the
next.  In order to confirm the value of Method Painting, I
am going to make physical color painting again.  Or, in
order to confirm the value of physical color painting, I
have been making Method Painting prohibiting red or blue for
eight years and have been speaking of the theory for five
      Now is the time when I have to say thank you to those
who witnessed my activities during these five or eight
years.  I am going to write about Methodicism in the
specialized next issue of December 31, 2004 which will be
the final issue of the bulletin "METHOD."


"November 2004, Tokyo"
by Matsui Shigeru, poet
"November 2004, Tokyo" is a Method Poem based on the text of
"Quantum Poem" written in November 2004.  The plural lines
in the graph shows the concept of the poem more correctly
than reading.  Please refer to the text "To Quantum Poem"
appeared in "Method No. 15" and the web pieces appeared in
"Method No. 18," "Method No. 28" and "Method No. 37."


Rehearsal of "Gesaenge des Ostens" for Two Pianos And a
by Miwa Masahiro, Composer
- Attached file's name: method41_miwa.jpg
At "Alte Feuerwache" Cologne on November 18, 2004. (piano:
Simon Rummel)  Photo: Miwa Masahiro

From Matsuoka Daisuke, manager of the coming performance
[about the performance]
On December 5th, our first annual performance "The First
Solo Performance of The Method Machine" will be taken place
at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE.  You will see flicker of decorative
lights between bodies and logics through our meaningless
passion for operation.  It will be a remarkable show.
- December 5th (sun) at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE
( )
- open : 17:00, start : 18:00
- Tickets are now on sale : adv. 1,500 yen / door. 2,000 yen
- information :
- note : On that day, our on-the-road performance will be
carried out.  We will leave SCAI THE BATHHOUSE around 2 p.m.
and will perform in and around Ueno Onshi Koen around 3 p.m.
[about the email magazine]
Email-Bulletin "METHOD" will be finished with the next
issue.  So we "Method Machine" have decided to start our own
email magazine.  If you would like to subscribe to it,
please visit :


Nakazawa Hideki, artist:
- "Hideki Nakazawa's Starting Point: Exhibition of His
Acrylic Paintings in 1980s" at Gallery Cellar, Nagoya.
Through Dec 18. ...Sensualistic and garish
colored works before "Methodicism" and "Baka CG."  Over
thirty pieces have already been sold.  I myself have been
filled with deep emotion as this show will be the first and
the last opportunity to gather my early works.
[ONE NIGHT EVENT] "Nakazawa's Talk + Showing Actual Things"
7pm, Fri, Dec 10 at the gallery.  500 yen (with 1 drink).
ART&MONEY" at Base Gallery, Tokyo.  Through Dec 22. ...About 310,000 coins are used there.
- "Yatsuo Slow Art Show" was over.  Handicapped people and
primary school students also helped me to install my piece
"Money Amount" fully in a large room.
- "Circuit" and "Method Dance" will be shown and performed
at "The First Solo Performance of The Method Machine."
- I am still writing "Contemporary Art History: Japan."

Matsui Shigeru, poet:
- I am writing serially on the webpage of the magazine
"Tanka Versus" (Fubaisha).
- "Pure Poem" will be newly realized at "The First Solo 
Performance of The Method Machine."

Miwa Masahiro, composer:
- 11/19, 20 "Gesaenge des Ostens" for two pianos and a
pianist was successfully performed by Mr. Simon Rummel at
"Alte Feuerwache" Cologne Germany using ATARI emulator
"STEEM" for PC and AKAI S1000 / Roland VP-70 simulation
software for MacOSX specially designed by Mr. Matsumoto
Yuichi at IAMAS!  (Please see GRAVURE OF THIS MONTH.)
- 12/5 A new version of "Tele-Matari" client software (v.2.0
for Mac OS9 and OSX) will be released!  The known problem
about manual setting for global IP address has been solved.
You can just download the software and double click to run
the "Tele-Matari v.2.0" to play "Matarisama" together with
robots or your friends from all over the world!  (Please see
the issue No. 39.)
- 12/5 Together with "Matarisama" the new interpretation of
"The Art of Infinite Melodies" for voices will be performed
at "The First Solo Performance of The Method Machine" at
- until 12/10 Seven music scores of my compositions
including "Bolero by Muramatsu Gear Engine" for orchestra
are released and available at YAMAHA Ginza, Tokyo.  The list
of published works (Japanese):


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Bulletin  METHOD  NO. 41  English Version
Published on December 1, 2004
(C) Nakazawa Hideki, Matsui Shigeru, Miwa Masahiro, 2004