METHOD  NO. 40  NOV 1, 2004

Email-Bulletin "METHOD" is a free monthly, being published
by the three Methodicists in Japan, Nakazawa Hideki
(artist), Matsui Shigeru (poet), Miwa Masahiro (composer).
Manifestos of Methodicism:

Thank you all who came to "THE COMPUTING BODIES."  The First 
Solo Performance of The Method Machine will be held on 
December 5.


Miwa Masahiro, composer

      "The Method Machine" performed on the 16th and the 
17th of last month at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall in the event/
exhibition called "dance today 12 / THE COMPUTING BODIES" as 
a program of The 11th International Arts Festival in 
Kanagawa Contemporary Arts series.  You as a reader of 
Bulletin "METHOD" may know, this was the first public 
performance since call for members of "The Method Machine" 
in last June.  The 12 members of "The Method Machine" for 
this event realized the works in the order of family names 
of artists (in Japanese letter) namely Adachi Tomomi, 
JOhnson Tom, NAkazawa Hideki, MAtsui Shigeru, MIwa Masahiro.
      Without pursuing expression by human bodies itself 
"The Method Machine" converted these works into visible 
motion using human bodies as "a machine which interprets art 
works" or "a machine which realizes ideas of artists."  
      Together with a painting "Money Amount" by Nakazawa 
Hideki and an object of "Method Music No. 9 'Line 
Exhaustion'" as "score" by Adachi Tomomi, computer 
simulations of each works in the events (also in the same 
order of performance) designed by "The Method Machine 
Software Section" were exhibited in the entrance lobby.  
These softwares demonstrate that the works are made with 
systematic principles and that it is also possible to be 
realized by computer.  In spite of two day events with the 
same program we could get big audience and good resonances.
      After the events I confirmed the fact; as the 
representations with our bodies in the world became 
precisely, so the depth of meaninglessness, which is what 
tautologies mean, appeared clearly.  Individuality of each 
members were more conspicuous and the each performer 
appeared to be more solitary when the motions by "The Method 
Machine" which were made possible through 4 month long 
intensive training became perfect.  I felt "brightness" and 
"richness" of the human expression itself and absolute 
"basislessness" behind them at the same time.
      In this event "The Method Machine" took part as a 
performance group but soon will be held finally its own 
debut event at "SCAI THE BATHHOUSE" on the 5th of December.  
You will see the new domain of art expression which "The 
Method Machine" realizes with its human bodies.
cf. THE COMPUTING BODIES (only in Japanese)


The Same Two Frames No. 11 - 20
by Nakazawa Hideki, artist
First, make a single long row of letters.  Secondly, replace 
each letter with a colored square and get a row of colored 
squares.  Thirdly, link to the row of colored squares from 
each frame on the right and the left.  That's all.  When the 
both frames are of the same width, their appearances are the 
same.  When of the different width, their appearances are 
different.  No matter how the appearances are, the contents 
themselves are the same.  The reason is that they have
originated from the same sigle row of letters.
cf. Please see also "The Same Two Frames No. 1 - 10" 
appeared in "METHOD NO. 36."  Please read also "One, Two, 
Thousands" appeared in "METHOD NO. 37."  


Realization of "Pure Poem" by The Method Machine
by Matsui Shigeru, poet
- Attached file's name: method40_matsui.jpg
From "The Computing Bodies."  October 16, 2004.
Photo: Miyamoto Akira


From Fukazawa Tomoharu, asst. representative
Our first performance titled, "THE COMPUTING BODIES" went 
without a hitch.  You can read about our performance in the 
next issue of "Bijutsu Techo."  Today, I would like to 
comment on this performance as one of the performers.
This performance was organized and sponsored by Kanagawa 
Arts Foundation, and supervised by Miwa Masahiro, so we, The 
Method Machine, were involved in this performance as 
performers only.  Because of that, I felt there was a gap 
between the people who had made works and those who realized 
(performed).  In a music world, a composer is often just a 
work-maker and has his players (performers or realizers) to 
realize his work, but in fine arts, that is a little 
different.  A work-maker and a performer who realizes an 
artwork is often the same person.  For example, in this 
performance, Nakazawa Hideki, a fine art artist, had to 
direct us in his work, "'Money Amount' Printer 
Demonstration."  However, Miwa Masahiro, a composer, seemed 
to enjoy how we interpreted and presented his work, 
"Matarisama," which could explain that he kept the distance 
as a composer in this performance.  Matsui Shigeru, a poet,  
kept his personal stance as a poet and did not really give 
us directions how to realize his poem.  As I mentioned this 
before, I would like to, once again, say that Miwa Masahiro 
supervised the whole performance.  From now on, it will be 
important for us to think of how we want the relationship 
between the work-makers and us and how much we should listen 
to their opinions because we are not allowed to 'make' 
works, but only to 'realize' works.  Now, we are preparing 
for our first self-organized performance event, "The First 
Solo Performance of The Method Machine" at SCAI THE 
BATHHOUSE on December 5 (sun).  In this performance, I hope 
that we can express our position that we should be as work-
cf. Report and photos:


Nakazawa Hideki, artist:
- "Hideki Nakazawa's Starting Point: Exhibition of His 
Acrylic Paintings in 1980s" at Gallery Cellar, Nagoya.
Nov 27 - Dec 18, 2004. ...Sensualistic and 
garish colored works before "Methodicism" and "Baka CG."
SHOKU KEN BI-ART&MONEY." Nov 1 - Dec 22.
... New work "389924 Yen Which Consists of 308620 Coins" is 
made of the largest number of coins I have ever used.
- "Yatsuo Slow Art Show" in Toyama.  Call for participants 
in "Night School" and "Money Amount."
- I am writing a book "Contemporary Art History: Japan."

Matsui Shigeru, poet:
- Solo exhibition "Poetic Prototype" at Pepper's Gallery, 
Tokyo, from November 15 to 20, 2004.  Two related events 
will be held during the term.  Details can be checked at the 
following url.  Pepper's Gallery:

Miwa Masahiro, composer:
- 11/19, 20 An old and important composition of mine titled 
"Gesaenge des Ostens" ("Song of East," 1992) for two pianos 
and a pianist will be performed at "Alte Feuerwache" Cologne 
Germany.  The piece was written for two player pianos and 
needs also sound sampler, pitch analyzer and ATARI ST 
computer etc.  Twelve years after the premiere, I have a big 
problem with these hardware.  I own three ATARI computers 
and two of them work no longer!  I think the moment is the 
last chance to try to run the original software (written in 
C language) on other platforms (computer and OS).  I am 
working hard to do it now and hope I can show you the piece 
successfully in Cologne!  About the piece (also in English):  


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Bulletin  METHOD  NO. 40  English Version
Published on November 1, 2004
(C) Nakazawa Hideki, Matsui Shigeru, Miwa Masahiro, 2004