METHOD  NO. 36  JUL 1, 2004

Email-Bulletin "METHOD" is a free monthly, being published
by the three Methodicists in Japan, Nakazawa Hideki
(artist), Matsui Shigeru (poet), Miwa Masahiro (composer).
Manifestos of Methodicism:

MONTH," has been launched from this issue.  See the two
issues preceding to learn "The Method Machine."


About "Bolero by Muramatsu Gear Engine" for Orchestra
by Miwa Masahiro, composer

      Like the case of "Bolero" by Maurice Ravel, which is
based on Spanish folk dance, "Bolero by Muramatsu Gear
Engine" for Orchestra represents the traditional music of an
imaginary tribe, the Giyacks, being expressed in the
language of Western orchestra music.  I composed this piece
as a Giyack nationalist composer in 2003 during the period
of British-American Iraq invasion.
      The ceaseless sounds from castanets and tambourines
are what is called "Muramatsu gear."  Originally, it was
played by seventeen women and five men in a circle, in the
rite of spring of the Giyacks.  The whole orchestra is
constructed according to the "Muramatsu gear."
      In other words, "rule-based generation" called
"Muramatsu Gear" of the "Reverse simulation music" as Method
Music was first "interpreted" as an imaginary folk art, and
then transformed according to the form of Western music.
      All the strings are played in 18-tone scale (which
divides an octave into 18 equally spaced pitches), and
always in glissando.  Absolute pitches at each moment are
not designated in the (part-) score, and the string players
decide the pitch only by the relative step (one third tone)
up or down from the previous note they played.  Thus, the
sounds they play become gradually blurred as a whole, and
only the up-and-down movements of sounds will be heard.
      This comes from the Giyacks' singing method in which
they pay attention not to the absolute pitch but only to the
movements of sounds.  This notion called "the elevating
waves," which is peculiar to the music of this tribe, is
embodied here, using the instruments of Western music
including marching drums and trumpets.
Details about "Muramatsu Gear" please refer to:
About "Reverse simulation music" and their terms please
refer to:


The Same Two Frames No. 1 - 10
by Nakazawa Hideki, artist
"The Same Two Frames" is a simple html-piece made using a
"frame," an elementary function of homepage.  The same
single html-file is loaded in each frame on the right and
the left.  However, their appearances are sometimes
different each other.  Altering the width of the browser-
window itself, or moving the dividing line between the
frames to the right or the left, will also change the
appearances of the two frames.


Under Writing "Pure Poem"
by Matsui Shigeru, poet
- Attached file's name: method36_matsui.jpg
June 30, 2004. I wrote 5 lines of "Pure Poem."


From Fukazawa Tomoharu, asst. representative
The Method Machine has been launched with 12 members in
total (representative: Tsurumi Sachiyo).  We have various
backgrounds like music, dance, fine art, poetry, etc., which
suits us as our intention is to realize various genres'
works.  The practice has already been started; we have
experimentally realized some methodicistic works including
"Pure Poem" by Matsui Shigeru, "Matarisama" by Miwa
Masahiro, and "Counting Duet" by Tom Johnson.
I think Methodicists have been contradictory in the point
that they have actually realized their works, because what
they have must be only idea.  From now on, the contradiction
will be solved by The Method Machine undertaking the
realization of methodicistic works.  In order to achieve the
aim, we have made a resolution to specialize our own minds
and bodies through training.
(Members are still invited for The Method Machine.  See the 
above URL to learn more about the group.)


Nakazawa Hideki, artist:
- I wrote an article. ...An article "Takamatsu Jiro and the
Number's Universe," which I wrote and organized, will appear
in the August issue of the Bijutsu Techo (BT).  It will
carry a lot of photos not only Takamatsu's works but also
ancient and modern arts including my works for 8 pages,
interpreting arts and all nature from a viewpoint of
"number." (Japanese)
- I will hold a lecture. ...Matake Makiko and I will hold a
lecture, "Lecture Series #3: Art Math and Art of Language -
Around the Conceptual Art by Takamatsu Jiro," relating to
Takamatsu Jiro Exhibition at Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo.  2 pm
on July 31. (Japanese)
- I was written in an article. ...Saito Tamaki wrote an
essay on me for 9 pages in the July issue of the Bijutsu
Techo (BT), being available now.
- My piece will be exhibited. ...Cellar Drawing Annual 2004.
July 3-24 at Gallery Cellar, Nagoya.
- My piece will be performed. ...Tokyo Onzu Regular Meeting.
July 30 at Shimokitazawa ARTIST.
- I am writing. ..."Contemporary Art History: Japan."

Matsui Shigeru, poet:
- July 2, 2004.  "Striped Stripe" will be performed in
Nagoya.  July 3, 2004.  Sermon "Hidamari" will be performed
in Sapporo.  Both are the poems that I made for Tsurumi
Sachiyo's music pieces.  "Striped Stripe":

Miwa Masahiro, composer:
- 7/9 to 1/8: As a part of the festival "Klangraum-
Raumklang" a new piece for carillon (!) called "Twins from
Matarisama for Eight Monks" will be played every day at
9:00, 12:00, 15:00, and 18:00 in the Spanische Bau of the
city hall of Cologne, Germany.  "Twins" was named by Mr.
Ouchi Masao for a symmetrical pair of bit patterns generated
by "Matarisama" system.
- 8/29: "Bolero by Muramatsu Gear Engine" for Orchestra
(2003) will be performed as one of three nominated works of
"The 14th Competition of Akutagawa Award" at Suntory Hall,


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Bulletin  METHOD  NO. 36  English Version
Published on July 1, 2004
(C) Nakazawa Hideki, Matsui Shigeru, Miwa Masahiro, 2004