Email-Bulletin "METHOD" is a free monthly, being published
by the three Methodicists in Japan, Nakazawa Hideki
(artist), Matsui Shigeru (poet), Miwa Masahiro (composer).
Manifestos of Methodicism:

This issue features The Method Machine for the second
straight month.  The next issue will be back to the usual


"The Method Machine" is a group that realizes Methodicistic
art works through using new physical bodies.  Now the
members are invited on the occasion of its formation.  The
first public performance will be held in October, 2004.

The Specifications for The Method Machine
- The Method Machine is a group of human beings that calls
itself a machine.
- For that reason, the members of The Method Machine must
train their bodies through practice.
- The Method Machine is an independent group having a
cooperative relation to the three Methodicists.
- For that reason, The Method Machine realizes art works by
not only the three Methodicists but also other artists of
all ages and countries.
- The Method Machine is a group specialized for realizing
art works, not for creating them.
- For that reason, The Method Machine does not realize art
works created by its members.

The Oath of The Method Machine
- We will do anything in order to realize Method Art!
- We will practice individually at least 30 minutes a day!
- We will never be absent from the joint practice to be held
2 times a month!

The Method Machine is expected to be a permanent group made
of around a score of people.  Tsurumi Sachiyo (composer) is
president.  Adachi Tomomi (former Methodicist, musician) and
Terasaki Keitaro (composer) are advisers.  The three
Methodicists are the godfathers.  You can read the
prospectus in the previous issue of this bulletin.

If you think "I will join," please email us your text titled
"Why do I wish to join The Method Machine?" with your C.V. +
self-introduction, and your address to the following.  Your
prompt application is welcomed because the practice will
begin this month.  Let's step together into a region no man
has ever explored!

Send to / Questions:


"Come, Join, And Be The M-A-C-H-I-N-E!"
- Attached file's name:  machineflyer.gif
The attached file is a gif.  There is a pdf at the following
url: you can print it out.  Sorry only in Japanese.


Nakazawa Hideki, artist:
- An essay on the artist Nakazawa Hideki written by Saito
Tamaki will appear in the July issue of the Bijutsu Techo.
- I will take part in "Reading: The Thousand Nights And a
Night" on June 5.  See the following info by Matsui Shigeru.
- I am writing and designing the layout of my book,
"Contemporary Art History: Japan."

Matsui Shigeru, poet:
- On June 5 Matsui Shigerus' poems will be read by three
Matsui Shigerus.  Nakazawa Hideki will also appear in the
reading on that day.

Miwa Masahiro, composer:
- From yesterday (5/31) I am participating in an on-line
live seminar between IAMAS Ogaki and Sibelius Academy
Helsinki with a composer Kanki Sinji.  At IAMAS we will
design an on-line-Matarisama system with OSC (OpenSound
Control) protocol and play Matarisama in Japan to show the
people in Finland!
- 5/1 "Spiritus Domini" for 20-stringed Koto (1993) was
- 5/15 "Bolero by Muramatsu Gear Engine" for Orchestra
(2003) was published and will be performed at Suntory Hall
Tokyo on August 29, 2004.
- 6/18 Nagoya Canolfan: An extension lecture of the series
"Mathematics as Art"; First part of "About Mathematics of
Matarisama" with Mr. Ouchi Masao.


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Bulletin  METHOD  NO. 35  English Version
Published on June 1, 2004
(C) Nakazawa Hideki, Matsui Shigeru, Miwa Masahiro, 2004