Email-Bulletin "METHOD" is a free monthly, being published
by the three Methodicists in Japan, Nakazawa Hideki
(artist), Matsui Shigeru (poet), Miwa Masahiro (composer).
Manifestos of Methodicism:

This month and the next month, the bulletin is going to
carry the announcement of "The Method Machine," a new group
that is going to be formed by the three Methodicists as
godfathers.  The prospectus is now unveiled on this issue,
and members will be invited on the next issue.
"Come, join, and be the M-A-C-H-I-N-E!"


The Prospectus of The Method Machine

      "The Method Machine" is a machine, or an organ, which
realizes Method Art including Method Painting, Method Poem,
Method Music, and various art works that can be considered
Methodicistic through physical motions in the real space.
Until today, the human race has produced numberless artistic
skills, or trained special bodies, through their history and
culture.  Contrarily, "Method Machine," resting on the basis
of the principle of Method Art, performs realization by new
categories of physical motions that have never been accepted
as any artistic skills, by using its own organisms.  Namely,
"The Method Machine," with its own physiological necessity,
interprets "Paintings" painted by artists with their own
necessity, "Poems" written by poets with their own
necessity, "Music" composed by composers with their own
necessity, and converts them into physical motions.  While
every artistic expression of the human race has been formed
out of a certain artistic skill that is a historical result
of the process of cultural refinement, "The Method Machine"
aims at fruition of the new domain of Method Art on earth
and is willing to start from the point of absolute zero in
the process of cultural refinement.

Nakazawa Hideki (artist)
Matsui Shigeru (poet)
Miwa Masahiro (composer)


"The Method Machine"
- Attached file's name: methodmachine.jpg
Title lettering: Miwa Masahiro


Nakazawa Hideki, artist:
- In Japan, museums have been receiving harsh treatment in
recent years.  Whenever I heard of it, I felt unconvinced.
I wrote for a certain exhibition review that the democratic
system that tended to egalitarianism seemed to be at
variance with "ART," which will appear in the June issue of
the Bijutsu Techo.
- It is getting a very long stretch.  I am still writing
"Contemporary Art History: Japan."

Matsui Shigeru, poet:
- I made "272" in 2001 from a thought about priorities in
translating poems.  In other words, which was prior, the
structure or the meaning?  My answer was the structure, and
I made "272."  Then, I decided how to realize the concept of
the poem.  That was the way of performance by both Western
and Eastern musical instruments.  On April 24, a trumpetist
Mr. Sokabe Kiyonori, to whom I had entrusted the score, gave
a trial performance.  A koto player Ms. Nishi Yoko took
charge of an Eastern musical instrument.  Method Art was
realized in the real space by the two players.
"Translation" of poems like this case is exactly the
"interpretation" or the "conversion," that is what The
Method Machine aims at.

Miwa Masahiro, composer:
- I was in Linz, Austria, and had a chance to think much
about music of future.  And again, I was always asking
myself, "Which part do 'sound waves' play in music?"
- My composition "Bolero by Muramatsu Gear Engine" for
orchestra which was premiered in Cairo by Cairo Symphony
Orchestra last year was nominated for the Akutagawa
Composition Prize!  The piece will be played at Suntory Hall
in August as the first performance in Japan.  Please come to
the concert and give the piece a standing ovation!!


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Bulletin  METHOD  NO. 34  English Version
Published on May 1, 2004
(C) Nakazawa Hideki, Matsui Shigeru, Miwa Masahiro, 2004