METHOD  NO. 31  FEB 1, 2004

Email-Bulletin "METHOD" is a free monthly on Method Art,
being published by Group METHOD in Japan, Nakazawa Hideki
(artist) + Matsui Shigeru (poet) + Miwa Masahiro (composer).
Manifestos of Methodicism:


A Composition Technique for the New Era
by Miwa Masahiro, composer

      I have recently presented three new pieces I consider
very important to me: "The Art of Generating Endless
Melodies" for chorus*, "The Law of Cicadae" for Kugo
(ancient Chinese harp)*, and "JIYAI-Kagura (sacred
music/dance)," an imaginary folk entertainment*.  With the
coming of 2004, I finally feel that the experiments in the
realization of "reverse-simulation music"* have produced
cohesive results; started with the presentation of
"Matarisama" at the second Method Art Festival in April,
2002, followed by the presentation of "A Definition of
Reverse-Simulation Music" and the construction of the
"Matarisama Dolls."  Among those, such facts are the main
reasons for it; that is, the fact that "music of being
performed while calculating" by solo performer, which I held
as almost impossible for a long time, was realized as the
very good performance of "The Law of Cicadae" by the very
special performer Nishi Yoko, and the fact that
"JIYAI-Kagura" was created by a group that included
Takahashi "Jai" Tetsuo, with little input from me.
      Particularly, the accomplishment of reverse-simulation
music by people other than me is proof that it should not be
taken as a "piece" of mine, but rather as a "technique" for
producing new forms of artistic expression.  As pieces
composed using Schoenberg's 12-tone system are not always
attributed to Schoenberg, so is not Reverse-simulation
music; it is a new "composition technique" based on
methodicism and open to everyone.  As can be gathered from
"A Definition of Reverse-Simulation Music," the "composition
technique" will surely become its own field of general
artistic expressions, crossing beyond the boundaries of the
musical genre suggested by the word "composition" itself.
And even if it may seem to be new for us, this field is
surely the one that was known to the human race in ancient
      Reverse-simulation music is an attempt at reclaiming a
new totality in contemporary arts that have been reduced to
scores, skills, sound waves, entertainment, taste and
physical stimulation.
* "The Art of Generating Endless Melodies" for chorus
premiere: November 11th 2003, Yoyogi Olympic Center
* "The Law of Cicadae" for Kugo premiere: December 7th 2003,
Kanagawa Prefectural Concert Hall
* "JIYAI-Kagura," an imaginary folk entertainment premiere:
January 10th 2004, Sendai Mediatheque
* "Reverse-simulation" link:


Artist's Writings on Art History
by Nakazawa Hideki, artist
I have written three books on art history including the one
that has not been completed yet.  In spite of the fact, I
consider myself an artist, not an art historian.  Although
my writings can be called "art works" because of their forms
being different from general literary books, they are also
different from what art works should be if seen from the
viewpoint of a methodicist, whom I style myself.  Therefore,
I am reluctant to be declared that those writings are my
"art works," but am also reluctant to be declared that those
writings are NOT my art works.  This time, I dare to
self-refer to these three books and present their
comparative table as a work in the bulletin "METHOD."


Exhibition "YUMITSUHO"
by Matsui Shigeru, poet
- Attached file's name: method31_matsui.jpg
Installation view of "Pure Poem" and "Quantum Poem" by
Matsui Shigeru.  (September 14 to December 28, 2003)
Courtesy: Toyota Municipal Museum of Art


Nakazawa Hideki, artist:
- MOT Annual 2004 "Where do I come from?  Where am I going?"
Through Mar 21, 2004.  Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.  (Japanese only)
- I am still writing "Contemporary Art History: Japan" in
Japanese and English.  See the above web-piece.

Matsui Shigeru, poet:
- I will write a text for Tsurumi Sachiyo's chorus work.
The title is "Striped Stripe."  The text consists of three
poems; "Pure Poem," "Striped Stripe," and "Self Portrait."
It will be premiered by Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus in their
subscription concert on March 20, 2004.

Miwa Masahiro, composer:
- I am now preparing for publishing musical scores.  Some of
my works until 1996, the time I was living in Germany, are
already published by "FeedBack Studio Verlag, Koeln" but my
works composed after that time are hard to obtain for
general people.  Recently, a new publish company specially
for new music has been established in Japan, so I will
continue to publish my works as they are ready to come out
to print.
FeedBack Studio Verlag:
Mother-Earth Inc.:
- 2/21 Ogaki, Gifu: "Jaiken-Daiko (drumming)" an imaginary
folk entertainment premiere at Ogaki Biennale.
- 2/25 Canolfan, Nagoya: Talk event with Mukaiyama Tomoko
(from Amsterndam) and Formant Bros. (Sakonda Nobuyasu and
Miwa Masahiro) (only Japanese)


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