METHOD NO. 29  (DECEMBER 1, 2003)

Email-Bulletin "METHOD" is a free monthly on "Method Painting, Method
Poem, Method Music (Methodicist Manifesto)."  Publishers are three
Japanese artists, Hideki Nakazawa, a (visual) artist, Shigeru Matsui, a
poet, and Masahiro Miwa, a composer.  You can read the manifestos of
Methodicism at

This issue, METHOD NO. 29, carries a text by Shigeru Matsui and a web
piece by Masahiro Miwa, and word and info by the three Methodicists.


Reading, and Realization Except Reading
by Shigeru Matsui, poet

      The world's common way to realize poetry is reading.  Until recent
years reading was not general in Japan, but, we feel it has been getting
established in these several years.  The reason is that the generations
who think reading is natural are appearing.  They look for poetry in the
media other than magazines because they have judged the poetry magazines
being dull.
      The general style of reading is to read text as their feelings go.
Other styles of reading are through mixed media, that is, the reading
connected with drama, with music, with dance and so on.  As for the
reading connected with drama, the text itself seldom happens to be a
dramatic poem, so they tend to read acting the situation written in the
text.  There are various necessities in connecting poetry and drama.  As
for the reading connected with music, poems often turn to be mere songs,
although it is also probable that they may read with some instrumental
accompaniment.  In either case, there is not so much necessity to
connect poetry and music.  As for the reading connected with dance,
although there is a possibility that they dance according to the meaning
or the notation of text, there is not so much necessity other than
sharing the place by a poet and a dancer.
      I think the style of reading controlling their emotion is at least
the best among the all of the above-mentioned ones.  Because, that can
be the world standard in the point of our being able to recognize the
differences as verse, when ignoring the meanings.  However, it is a
relative standard, not the absolute.  For example, it is difficult to
show the expressions clearly just by reading; expressions described by
Japanese notation or expressions drawn by changing lines.  Reading can
tell the differences, but cannot tell precisely the text as concept.
      That is a problem for poetry which gives importance to text as
concept.  Therefore, I am trying to avoid such kind of a problem on the
occasion of realization.  For example, "Pure Poem Walking" has seemed
to me the best way of realization to tell the concept of my "Pure Poem."
However, "Pure Poem Walking" is nothing but one of the possible
realizations of "Pure Poem."  It realizes just a part of the whole
concept of "Pure Poem."(*)
      By the way, my coming exhibition "Announcement on Every Five Days"
in this December will be the exhibition of my Japanese email magazine,
which is being published to show the periodicity of my writing "Pure
Poem."  Originally, the action of publishing the email magazine itself
has been the realization of "Pure Poem."  And furthermore, its
exhibition this time will be also the realization of "Pure Poem."
Poetry is the concept expressed by text, and its realization is nothing
but a secondary matter, but piling up the secondary matters may make the
concept of text clear.  Reading is not enough to indicate the concept of
"Pure Poem" to be recognized.
      The media to be used should be selected according to the concept,
not to the wittiness.  I hope you would deepen your understanding of my
"Pure Poem" at the exhibition "Announcement on Every Five Days."  For me,
that exhibition will also be the realization of text, similar to the
* "Pure Poem Walking," "Pure Poem" :


The Matarisama Dolls (final version)
by Masahiro Miwa, composer
After the prototype version of the Matarisama Doll*, I completed
together with Noriaki Ogasawara eight reconstructed dolls as the final
version.  As I reported in the past issues of "METHOD," they were
exhibited at Ars Electronica 2003 in Linz and at XEBEC Hall in Kobe.
Just at that time, Yoshiyuki Sakuragi made a 3D-CG version of the
Matarisama Dolls.  This version was made from the real final dolls, so,
I want to call it the double-reverse-simulated work (music), because
the original Matarisama itself had been made through computer
* Please refer to "The Matarisama-Doll (Prototype version)" in METHOD
NO. 23.


Group "METHOD":
- "Method : Performance and Lecture"  appel (Tokyo)  2pm  Dec 14  Free.
We 3 methodicists will meet together.  See the below info from S. Matsui.

Hideki Nakazawa, artist:
- I am now writing a book day after day.  I am going to exhibit it as my
art work in the "MOT Annual 2004" in January.  My book's title will be
"The Japanese Part of Contemporary Art History," and it will be written
in both Japanese and English.  (See my text appeared in the previous
issue!)  Usually, I do not consider my writings as art works.  So, this
exhibition might turn out a kind of masochistic pleasure for me.
- Group Show "Drawing Conclusions II" Work by Artist-Writers
at NY Arts Gallery (New York).  Organized by Gae Savannah & Jill Conner.
Dec 12, 2003-Jan 13, 2004.  Mon-Sat.  10am-6pm.  T(1)212-274-8993
473 Broadway, 7F, NYC.
- Group Show "SHINXUS*multiple" at Gallery TEZZ (Tokyo).  Organized by
Yoshiaki Kaihatsu.  Dec 9, 2003-Jan 17, 2004.  Tue-Sat.  12-7pm.  (Off:
Dec 28-Jan 5)  1-5-10, #101, Moto-Azabu, Minatoku Tokyo 106-0046
T(81)3-3448-0425  (in Japanese)

Shigeru Matsui, poet:
- My exhibition "Announcement on Every Five Days" will start soon.  This
exhibition is realization of my poem.  It may happen that you will feel
the three events going to be held being disconnected each other.
However, each event's gist will be important in describing my thought on
my poems.  I will be glad if you find the realization of my literary
criticism at my exhibition including the gists of the three events.
- Solo exhibition "Announcement on Every Five Days" at appel, Tokyo,
from December 4 to December 23, 2003.  Three related events will be held
during the term.
- "Reading : Announcement on Every Five Days"  December 10, 2003.
- "Method : Performance and Lecture"  December 14, 2003.
- "Yuji Takahashi plays Katsue Kitasono and Tomomi Adachi plays Seiichi
Niikuni"  December 17, 2003.
- I am exhibiting "Pure Poem" and "Quantum Poem" for the theme
exhibition "YUMITSUHO" at Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi, from
September 14 to December 28, 2003.  "YUMITSUHO" is the exhibition by
Yutaka Matsuzawa, artist, and Mitsu Sakura, poet.
Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

Masahiro Miwa, composer:
- The telephone call by "Klavocode" to a pizza delivery service has been
successfully done!  The guy of "Domino Pizza" who answered it had a
conversation with us (computer generated voices played by hands)
perfectly in the same manner as usual, and after 30 minutes we got the
ordered potato pizza with mayonnaise actually on the stage! (11/22 in
the 7th Festival Beyond Innocence, Osaka.  The Formant Brothers [Miwa &
Sakonda] will order [and eat!] a pizza by telephone using a real time
voice synthesizer called "Klavocode" for the first time in human
- The computation system by human for generating melodies during the
performance by a chorus group has worked splendidly! (11/26 Olympic-
Center, Tokyo.  World's first performance of my new composition "The Art
of Generating Endless Melodies" for a chorus.)
- 11/21 "Die Neue Nagoyar Schule" has been formed (by Nobuyasu Sakonda,
Yuko Nexus6, Carl Stone and I).
- 12/7 Kenritsu Ongakudo, Kanagawa.  My new composition titled "The Law
of Cicadae" for a Kugo (Chinese ancient harp) will be first performed.


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Monthly Email-Bulletin METHOD NO. 29 published on December 1, 2003
(C) Hideki Nakazawa, Shigeru Matsui, Masahiro Miwa, 2003