Methodicist Manifesto of Participation in War

      War at this time will work nothing but as confirmation. Just as we pointed out in our former manifestos, the democratic system has been degraded to mobocracy since the last century, and sensationalism has been rampant all over the world. However, meaninglessness, which is what tautology means, does not excuse mobocracy nor sensationalism. In order to obey the mechanism of history, tautology rather requests to be authorized, sometimes even being attended with force. In such cases, tautological art, or art as art, can be seen, read, and heard as force.
      Method painting is not a toy tank. It is a real weapon which stains the earth with blood, because it is a colored plane which is overlaid on method itself.
      Method poem is not a toy missile. It is a real weapon which transmits enmity, because it is a row of letters which comes to method itself.
      Method music is not a toy bomb. It is a real weapon which gives a death cry, because it is a vibrating time which embodies method itself.
      We, methodicists, are convinced that art is force. We, methodicists, use these force tautologically against the belligerent nations and their supporting nations. We, methodicists, declare war tautologically on antiwar movements and artists around us, and also on ourselves.

Supplement 1
War on Iraq is illegal. It will work as confirmation to the world that the September 11 was justifiable.

Supplement 2
A methodicist obeys the mechanism of history; history of the world and history of each nation he/she belongs to. However, those two kinds of history sometimes conflict with each other. For instance, if his/her nation is belligerent or supporting war, tautology is surely to glorify war, at least in that case.

Supplement 3
Our former manifestos were "Method Painting, Method Poem, Method Music (First Methodicist Manifesto)" in 2000, "Second Methodicist Manifesto" in 2001, and "Method Painting, Method Poem, Method Music (Third Methodicist Manifesto)" in 2002. "Methodicist Manifesto of Participation in War" is a rephrased one of the former manifestos.

Supplement 4
Those in favor of this manifesto can forward it to acquaintances on your own responsibility, adding "In favor, Name, Nationality and profession" at the end. Those partially in favor and those not in favor can also do in the similar way. Or, you can of course forward it without adding your name.

April 1, 2003

Drafted by Group "Method":
Hideki Nakazawa, a Japanese artist
Shigeru Matsui, a Japanese poet
Masahiro Miwa, a Japanese composer

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