Second Methodicist Manifesto

      Let us confirm again. It was tautologies that went through every art and every science of the twentieth century. But the absolute of tautology should be talked only at an instant moment. The recall of repetition of history, or irony, which is caused by tautology, should be positively struggled against.
      Methodicism still belongs to the category of reductionism. Let us agree to remain even now within capability of language and logic. Endure mediocrity of the absolute. Go toward attenuation.
      Methodicism must not fall into a taste for stoicism. Discipline and death exist in order to affirm delectation, love, and life.
      Methodicism is valid only for perceiving the innumerable differences in soughs of tautology. Do not mention the differences. The reason is that this point is where the method would collapse.
      We study history. But what we need is the art of obliterating history. Discard specific history. Be shot by history. Now we have finished the twentieth century.

Supplement 1
The "Second Methodicist Manifesto" as a style is "Anti-Methodicism Notes" in point of contents. Draft observers are not necessarily those in favor of the manifesto, as is similar to the (First) Methodicist Manifesto.

Supplement 2
Whether in favor or not, you can forward this manifesto on your own responsibility.

January 1, 2001

Drafter: Tomomi Adachi (musician)
Draft observer: Hideki Nakazawa (artist)
Draft observer: Shigeru Matsui (poet)

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