Serial: "5000 Words of Artist Hideki Nakazawa"

Magazine 'KOHKOKU'* by Hakuhodo Co. Ltd. / From 1997's May-June issue to 1998's March-April issue. (Six essays in all.)
--The concepts of the Exhibition of Hideki Nakazawa and the displayed works are all written by the author himself.

No. 1
  • Invention of New Word Processor for Japanese Language* ..... 1997's May & June issue. pp. 49-53
    1. New Word Processor, Savior of Japanese Language
    2. Paint and Draw (Bitmap and Object)
    3. Actuality of the Invention's Meaning
    4. What Motivated the Invention
    5. Morals as Users of Japanese Language

    No. 2
  • Bitmap and Object* ..... 1997's July & August issue. pp. 53-57
    1. Atomism and Idea-ism in Art
    2. Outline of Exhibition
    3. Bitmap Works of Letters
    4. Object-Type Works of a Line
    5. About Another Allusion

    No. 3
  • Introduction of "Bitmap and Object"* ..... 1997's September & October issue. pp. 55-59
    1. Theory of the World-Grasping
    2. Concept of Opposition between Two Things in CG
    3. What can Be Said by "Bitmap and Object"
    4. What Connects Bitmap and Object
    5. Ineffectualness of the World-Grasping

    No. 4
  • "Polyphony of Japanese 50 Sounds" Which Surpassed Sound Poetry* ..... 1997's November & December issue. pp. 55-59
    1. Interest in Polyphony
    2. To Music from Sound Poetry
    3. Japanese 50 Sounds as a Sound Material
    4. Explanation of Musical Pieces

    No. 5
  • CG Works' Printouts as Antiques* ..... 1998's January & February issue. pp. 65-69
    1. Artistic Value and Antique Value
    2. Separation at the Printout Stage
    3. Outputter's Duty
    4. Returning to Antiques
    5. Open Warranty on the Internet

    No. 6
  • Art on the Memory Medium* ..... 1998's March & April issue. pp. 65-69
    1. From the Origin of Art to Ready Made
    2. From Love for Material to Love for Data
    3. CG Artists as Advocates of Plato
    4. Actuality of Data Analysis and Comment on Universal Language
    5. Permanent Preservation of Data (Art on RAM)

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