Attached warranty of the printed work

  • Original work's data
    Artist: Hideki Nakazawa
    Work's title: Monophony with 768 musical tones each accompanied by a grace note
    Date: 1998

  • Printed-work's data
    Supervisor: Hideki Nakazawa
    Output serial number: 5
    Place in charge of outputting: Graphtec Co.
    Output machine: MasterJet JC1020
    Condition: Roll paper used only sideways (127mm long by 4,100mm wide), monochrome 300dpi
    Date: November 14, 1998
    Purpose of outputting: Display at a group exhibition. (November 16 to December 12, 1998, at SAI Gallery)
    Signature written in the printed-work: At the left bottom on the other side, written with a pencil:
     768個の装飾音符付楽音のある単旋律 5 中ザワヒデキ

  • Open warranty of the above data
    Writer: Hideki Nakazawa
    Written place: Warranty attached to the printed-work
    Writing methods: Word processor with writer's signature
    Date: January 14, 1999
    Open to the public: The above data and a photograph of the signature in the printed-work are open in the homepage:
    Warranty: The above is true and correct. Hideki Nakazawa.