List of Magazines Which Carried the Articles

"Flash Art International" Publisher: GIANCARLO POLITI EDITORE SAS / 1998's January-February issue, p.125
"PARACHUTE" Publisher: PARACHUTE / l997's October 1 issue, No.88, p.42
"EYE-COM" Publisher: ASCII Co. / 1997's combined issue of August 15 & September 1, p.185
"BIJUTSU TECHO" Publisher: BIJUTSU SHUPPAN SHA Co. Ltd. / 1997's August issue, pp. 160-161
"STUDIO VOICE" Publisher: INFAS / 1997's July issue, p.81
"Hanako" Publisher: MAGAZINE HOUSE Co. / 1997's June 11 issue, No.445, p.109
"weekly PIA" Publisher: PIA Co. Ltd. / 1997's June 9 issue, No. 708, p.224

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