Hideki Nakazawa Exhibition "Source and Execution"

Feb 10 - Mar 21, 2016 at NADiff Gallery (Tokyo)
Also held: "Hideki Nakazawa Method Painting Small Exhibition" at NADiff Window Gallery
Partnership Program of Yebisu International Festival for Arts & Alternative Visions 2016
Thanks to Gallery Cellar and Art Diver
http://www.nadiff.com/gallery/nakazawahideki.html [Japanese]

I have long thought that a source program itself, rather than the result of its execution, is supposed to be a work of art. In the same way, I have still thought that an HTML document itself, rather than its actual appearance on the web browser, is supposed to be a work of art. "Source and Execution" is a work which juxtaposes "Source" and "Execution," namely an HTML document and its appearance on the web browser.
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/newmethod/b00/e.html [English]

Source Part

17:00-19:00 Feb 11 (Thu), 2016 at NADiff a/p/a/r/t
Guest: Takaaki Yamamoto (New Face Award of the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Division)
Guest: Shigeru Matsui (Method poet)
in Japanese. 1000 yen. Reception party follows.

Works Viewing and Explanation by the Artist

15:00-19:00 Feb 20 (Sat), 2016 at NADiff Gallery. 500 yen.

Some of "Source" is written within 1 page, while one of the other being over 400 pages. "Execution" is interactive, displayed different every time. Let's tour viewing all the 85 works with the artist spending 4 hours.

Sorry for the multipostings.
Hideki Nakazawa

Source and Execution [E]