"N Dimensions" with Nameko Shinsan

Dear All,

Let me announce my art activities.

* Two-Person-Exhibition "N Dimensions" with Nameko Shinsan
Shinsan is exhibiting new works "Meditation Painting" while I am
showing old works "Anti-Anti-Aliasing."
Nameko Shinsan x Hideki Nakazawa "N Dimensions"
June 6 (Sat) - 21 (Sun), 2015. 16:00-23:00. Closed on Wednesday.
TETOKA = Rakudo-an 1F, 2-16 Kanda Tsukasa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Sponsored by Gallery Cellar, Aloalo International
Directed by Yu Murooka
TETOKA http://tetoka.jp/archives/2499 (Japanese only)
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1596363730612076/ (J)
Anti-Anti-Aliasing http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/201111/a.html (J&E)

* Talk on 1980s Avant-Guarde in Japan at Genba Atochi (J)
19:00-, June 27 (Sat), 2015 at 501 Miyamasuzaka Bldg, Shibuya-ku

* Talk on Kinetic Art and My Works at MOMAS (J)
14:30-, August 2 (Sun), 2015 at The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

* Recent 3 Solo Shows on My Website
Crossed Eyes (May 14-30, 2015 at Gallery Cellar)
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2015/06d.html (J&E)
Colored Magic Square (November 21-29, 2014 at Gallery Cellar)
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2014/12j.html (J&E)
Anti-Anti-Aliasing (June 15 - July 5, 2014 at Gallery Cellar)
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/201111/a.html (J&E)

Further information can be read in Japanese:
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2015/06nj.html (J)

Sorry for the multipostongs.

Hideki Nakazawa

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- [Togetter] Talk on 1980s Avant-Guarde in Japan at Genba Atochi (It is taboo to talk about Japan's Art in 1980s.) June 27, 2015 http://togetter.com/li/843340 (J)
- [Togetter] Nameko Shinsan x Hideki Nakazawa "N Dimensions" June 6-21, 2015 TETOKA http://togetter.com/li/843404 (J)
- [Togetter] Hideki Nakazawa Biblio-Study 2015-02 June 10, 2015 http://togetter.com/li/833238 (J)

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- Notebook http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/notebook/2015n.html#n2015-06-14
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- Picture side of the DM for the two-person-exhibition http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2015/05f.jpg (1481x1003 pixel)
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- Installation view of the two-person-exhibition http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2015/05m.jpg (640x640 pixel)
- Girls Artalk Interview: Nameko Shinsan June 14, 2015 http://girlsartalk.com/interview/17944.html (J)
- Girls Artalk Interview: Hideki Nakazawa July 2, 2014 http://girlsartalk.com/interview/3517.html (J)

- Multiposted email in Japanese to Japanese speakers. http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2015/06nj.html (J)

- Announcement on the two-person-exhibition via my notebook http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/notebook/2015n.html#n2015-06-05

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