Let's go to "Crossed Eyes" exhibition by Hideki Nakazawa!

[1] Let's learn cross-eye stereogram!

Step 1:
Hold a pencil (or anything equivalent) upright before your eyes and
focus on its tip to make your eyes crossed. You have one pencil in
your sight.

Step 2:
Keep your eyes crossed and look at blurred marks on the left and the
right behind the pencil, which still appears as one, then try to
converge these marks in the center. You see four marks in total as
each mark is duplicated in your unfocused sight. You can ignore two
on each edge. Try to combine the other two in the center so that
four become three.

Step 3:
Once the two marks become one, keep your eyes still crossed and
move your consciousness gradually from the pencil to the mark.
When the mark comes into focus, withdraw the pencil from your sight.
You will see the image three-dimensionally. Once experienced well,
you can see a three dimensional image out of horizontally repeated
images without a pencil and guiding marks.

Stereogram is enabled by binocular vision. Those with difficulty in one
eye would not be able to practice it.

[2] Which letters do you see outstanding?

You can use the attached picture in yellow to practice cross-eye
stereogram. Please use black dots on top as the guiding marks. Which
letters do you see outstanding?

[3] Let's go to "Crossed Eyes" exhibition by Hideki Nakazawa!

Hideki Nakazawa Exhibition "Crossed Eyes" is held as detailed below.
The exhibits are videos and still images for cross-eye stereogram.
At the reception desk, please let us know which letters you could
see outstanding. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Hideki Nakazawa Exhibition "Crossed Eyes"
May 14 (Thu) - 30 (Sat), 2015
12:00-18:00 Closed on Sundays, Mondays and National Holidays
Opening Reception 18:00-20:00 on Thursday, May 14
Gallery Cellar B1, 3-3-4, Kyobashi Chuo-ku 104-0031 Tokyo

Gallery http://gallerycellar.jp/
Artist http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/
PDF http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2015/05d.pdf

[1] Let's learn cross-eye stereogram.png

[2] Which letters do you see outstanding.png

[3] Let's go to Crossed Eyes exhibition by Hideki Nakazawa.png

- Created the page of "Crossed Eyes." http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2015/06d.html

- [Through Saturday] Now holding a solo show "Crossed Eyes" through the 30th of this month at Gallery Cellar, Tokyo. I believe that my works are very interesting even if viewed straightly without the stereogram method. http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/notebook/2015n.html#n2015-05-27

- Multiposted the above email in English to English speakers. Multiposted email in Japanese to Japanese speakers.
- This site is made in person by Hideki Nakazawa. See also "Notebook."
- Make contact with Gallery Cellar for Nakazawa's works and others. Email to info@gallerycellar.jp including CC to nakazawa@aloalo.co.jp .

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