Digital Yet Venetian School

Anti-Aliasing is da Vinci school's sfumato technique in the digital age.
Anti-Anti-Aliasing is Venetian school's pigment particles in the
digital age.

Many thanks to visitors of my solo show "Anti-Anti-Aliasing" currently
on view. If you have not been here yet, please be reminded that
exhibition will close on this Saturday, July 5th.

Hideki Nakazawa Exhibition [Anti-Anti-Aliasing]
on view - July 5 (Sat), 2014 12:00-18:00
GALLERY CELLAR B1, 3-3-4 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo +813-6225-2466

* Similar to Leonard da Vinci's attempt, "Adobe Photoshop (R)"
is a tricky workaround to "use pixels while acknowledging its
inconveniences" with resignation hidden inside. Therefore, this
software has developed anti-aliasing as a function to shade off
jagged pixels, which quite resembles to Leonard's sfumato.
"Studio 8(R)," on the other hand, considered jagged pixels
acceptable and even pleasant, which resembles to the attraction
of rough brushstrokes by Ventian-school painter Tizian.
(from Hideki Nakazawa's essay "Art Patents" in 2005)

* This email subject was taken from Shigeo Chiba's treatise in 2002
"Hideki Nakazawa - A Digital Yet Venetian-School Artist."

Sorry for the multipostings.

Hideki Nakazawa

- Made separately and linked to the page "Installation View of the Solo Show 'Anti-Anti-Aliasing.'":
- Some of the exhibits will be re-exhibited at the two-person-exhibition "N Dimensions" by Nameko Shinsan and Hideki Nakazawa in June 2015 at Tetoka, Kanda.

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- Hideki Nakazawa Biblio-Study Literature Studies 2014 #3: related to my solo show "Anti-Anti-Aliasing" with the guest Tomohiko Kanno a.k.a. gnck [J]
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- 2014-06-12 Anti-Anti-Aliasing
- pdf:
- "Anti-Anti-Aliasing" (ex. New Silly CG):

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