Hideki Nakazawa

Dear All,

2013-12-07 Not Anything-Goes: Thank you for having come to my solo show.
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2014/01je.html [E]

2014-01-11 All Poems by Yutaka Matsuzawa: Lecture
http://bigakko.jp/opn_lctr/omega/012.html [J]

2014-01-24 Set No. 11 Which Consists of 681 Japanese Words: Performance
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201098747490857 [J]
https://www.facebook.com/events/251296701702282 [J]

2014-01-26 Cells: Performance
https://www.facebook.com/events/210993675750827/ [J]
https://twitter.com/tomodomo/status/302433061532991488 [J]
http://togetter.com/li/555484 [J]

2014-02-02 Art and Japanese Language: Lecture
https://www.facebook.com/events/638572242873209/ [J]

2014-02-17 Brainwaves Drawing Set: Show at The Container will end.
http://the-container.com/ [E&J]
http://the-container.com/shop/brainwaves-drawing-set/ [E]
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2014/01h.jpg [E]
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2014/01g.pdf [E]

2014-03-02 Essay on Invisible Functions: Show at ICC will end.
http://aloalo.co.jp/nakazawa/2013/06ce.html [E]

Sorry for the multipostings.
Have a good day!

Hideki Nakazawa

Not Anything-Goes Not Anything-Goes Not Anything-Goes

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