Thermodynamics of the Sun


Let me announce my art activities.

"Thermodynamics of the Sun" at Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts.
Sequence S30 #5 (1122211222333322...) 2009
Sequence S30 #6 (1112222111222233...) 2009
July 13 - Sep 23, 2013 (English)

"Open Space 2013" at ICC. New movie and podcast.
Essay on Invisible Functions 1996
Lego-Sponge in Rectangular Parallelepiped of 2.73 Dimensions 1998
Device for Displaying the Space Coordinates and the 3-D Gobang 1998-1999
"Art Patents" Book 2010
HIVE movie (Japanese)
Channel ICC (Japanese)
now being held - Mar 2, 2014 (English)

Dai-ichi Life Gallery Collection Exhibition.
41193 Yen Which Consists of 19235 Coins (Money Amount No. 24) 2002
now being held - July 18, 2013 (Japanese)

Book "Essays on Works and Reception of Lassen in Japan" edited by Y. Harada, Film Art.
Japanese Art and Our Christian Lassen: Talk by S. Ono X T. Kuresawa X H. Nakazawa
on sale (Japanese)

Aug Number of Monthly "Gekkan Bijutsu" featuring Gutai.
Japanese Postwar Avant-garde Art History: Avant-garde Keeps on Being Updated
publication day July 20, 2013 (Japanese)

Summer Seminar at Bigakko.
Study on Hideki Nakazawa's Writings: Summer Siege
Every Wednesday from Aug 21 to Sep 24, 6 times in total, 19:00-22:00 (Japanese)

Sorry for the multipostings.

Hideki Nakazawa

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