"New-Method" No. 14

"New-Method" No. 14

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 14 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Toshihiko Furuya, a contemporary artist, art critic and philosophy researcher, who has now held a solo exhibition "aperiodic crystals" at 20202.  He will hold a talk event titled "Method and Product" on 17th of this month with Hideki Nakazawa for the guest speaker.


Method and Product
Toshihiko Furuya (Contemporary Artist, Art Critic, Philosophy Researcher)

It is not ourselves who initiated method art with Oldowan tools produced by Lithic reduction.  We call ourselves Homo sapiens, but it is a difference species within the same genus, what we call Homo habilis, who started production of the Oldowan tools.  We had not yet been there at the time.
Since method art is extension of the body, its product belongs to the very producer.  Now, however, we have been convinced that we own all the products left by method art in the past.  Indeed, possession of the stone tool did not occur immediately after its production.
Possession of the product was a twofold deviation from constant use of tools.  Deviance had been always taking place in unintended ways. A representative case is the fossil, which is left as remnants of routine rather than intentional accumulation.  Be it intentional or not, however, being-left-present is the common way of the first deviation.  Early Oldowan tools have been left present in this way.
Then fossils are discovered another time.  Things to become the fossil are also discovered.  Bodies are discovered as traces of life, eventually products too.  Here we have the second deviation. The fossil is possessed, and things to become the fossil are possessed and processed.  Then they possess Oldowan tools.
Still, it is not ourselves either who initiated possession as such. Speaking of what we have done in the end, we have only inherited method art from other species.  Possibly we could at most reduce the products into method art.  Even now the basic facts have not changed concerning this.
It was not ourselves who initiated production that presupposes possession.  Originally we could only manage to use the product.  No matter how sophisticated the use is, it cannot be decisive.  It is very recently when we finally came to catch up the predecessors concerning possession.  Also it came about only after going through a very long way around.
Meanwhile products and remnants of routine have proliferated without limit, and things being-left-present have surrounded us.  The ability to which we have attained has equipped much diversity due to twists and turns in the long way around, but it can be hardly said that we have acquired the essential way of possession.  What we have arrived at is at most possession as being unconscious submission to waste, with which we have managed to only maintain the decisively submissive five thousand years while being possessed and disposed through possession.
Only what we exceed the predecessors must be this fact alone that we dispose ourselves every single time and throw out the product to the state where we are never troubled by the producer.  But it does not mean that we can manage to escape from the product.  We feel we dispose the product as freely as we intend, but in fact it is the product that has freely consumed us and kept expanding itself.

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- Takahiro Hirama
"The Young Ladies of Avignon" is the work that Pablo Picasso produced
"The Young Ladies of Avignon" is a painting by French painter Pablo Picasso(1881-1973), dated 1907.
It has been possessed by the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

- Shogo Baba
Ascending Order Sort No. 6 "Insertion Sort"
Insertion Sort is a sort method comparing adjoining numbers as Bubble Sort and Gnome Sort do.  The reason of using adjoing numbers for comparing and swapping is that our intuition knows the method. Incidentally, this particular case had an identical sort process with Gnome Sort.

- Hideki Nakazawa
Source and Execution No. 74 - 77
These four works share a common XHTML document, each with a different stylesheet just like previous works.  The XHTML document is written to generate three kinds of 100 identical boxes, that is, 300 boxes in total.  The stylesheet is written by inputting every 10 integers from 10 to 250 regularly for 25 numerical values which define the background and three kinds of boxes.  Appearance will change along with balance between window size and magnification, and with the language specifications of either Japanese or English.


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