Talk Session on the "Fourth Expressionism (tentative)"

Talk Session on the "Fourth Expressionism (tentative)"

I feel a significant change taking place in Japanese art scene since around 2010.  It has appeared, for instance, as proliferation of group drawing session style, such as "Kanketsusen(*1)," "Zenporen(*2)," or "Chaos*Lounge(*3)" to name a few.  Expressive and apparently incompleted, those works produced in great volume immediately out there are in the 180 degree different phase from the recent main-stream of detail-oriented works of Manierism.  This trend is not limited to the drawing session style and can be seen in expressions of artists in younger generations.

I dare to call this overall tendency as the "Fourth Expressionism(*4)."  Artists themselves may have opposition or refusal to being categorized, named or historized under the term.  On the other hand, however, they may possibly feel certain affinity among themselves as being different from the previous era.  I myself conceive that this change must be a significant paradigm shift equivalent to the coming of "Heta-Uma" around 1980.

In Talk Session on the "Fourth Expressionism (tentative)(*5)," I will invite people whom I see as such, whether they are for or against my vision.  I will briefly explain the idea of the Fourth Expressionism, then have free discussion by guests together with audience.

November 15, 2011
Hideki Nakazawa (Artist)

Date & Place
December 1 (Thu), 2011 18:00-21:00  no fee/reservation required
at Hideki Nakazawa / New Oil Painting "Screaming Landscape" (2011.11.15-12.2)
Gallery Cellar 1-21-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
[Note] Due to the space limitation, capacity for visitors is also limited.

Guests (As of 21 November, 2011)
Yuhei Saito (Painter, "Kanketsusen")
Hitoshi Odajima (Illustrator, "Zenporen")
Uso Fujishiro (Artist, "Chaos*Lounge")
Yohei Kurose (Artist, Art Critic, "Chaos*Lounge")
Kae Ishii (Art Historian)
Hiroyuki Nisougi (Artist)
Manabu Matsushita (Curator, Rad.Commons/TANA Gallery Bookshelf)
Jun Tsuzuki (Illustrator) [participation from Kyoto via Skype]
oki_chu. (Painter/Drawing Writer, mograg garage) [participation for a few minutes via Skype]

(*1) Kanketsusen --- The title of a live painting event/exhibition series organized by Yuhei Saito.  Since its first "Inokashira Kanketsusen" on 7th November 2010, the series has held seven sessions up to today.

(*2) Zenporen --- The abbreviation of Zennippon Posutosabukarucha Rengou [All Japan Post-subculture Association] (Hiroyuki Ohashi, Hitoshi Odajima, and Kentaro Minowa), originally formed for ad-hoc participation to "HMV Shibuya Otsukare Summer Fes!" on 19th August 2010 and now with flexible members.

(*3) Chaos*Lounge --- Contemporary art collective with its core members Uso Fujishiro, Yohei Kurose, and Kazuki Umezawa, together with flexible many young participants.  They released Chaos*Lounge Manifesto on 10th April 2010.

(*4) the Fourth Expressionism --- a term invented by Hideki Nakazawa.  It states that the art history of the modern and contemporary era follows the "Expressionism > Anti-art > Surrealism" cycle, which is supposed to have appeared in Japan with Fusain Kai [fusain group] by Tetsugoro Yorozu et al. as the First Expressionism, Art Informel Sensation as the Second Expressionism, and Heta-Uma as the Third Expressionism.  Nakazawa presented the idea of the Fourth Expressionism at the open lecture at Bigakko on 9th April 2011.

(*5) Talk Session on the "Fourth Expressionism (tentative)" --- This "(tentative)" is included as the official name of this meeting.  Therefore, this "(tentative)" will not be removed even on the day, in order to open the meeting to people who do not agree with the name "Fourth Expressionism."

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