"New-Method" No. 10

"New-Method" No. 10

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 10 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Barbora, a networker for the contributor, who edited and published "Nerdcore of Modernism" last year.


The Work is not The Work
Barbora (Networker)

Once an electro-acoustic musician OVAL, who made his new release in 2010 after a long blank, had announced to release a compose software called "ovalprocess."  This software was proclaimed as enabling everyone to create music like OVAL, although the plan finally disappeared spontaneously without waiting its distribution, and had it been realized it could have become an ambitious attempt to dismantle meaning of the artist as the author.

There was already an attempt preceding this.  It is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in "SiNYO Beta" released in the middle of the 90s by Hajime Tachibana.  In packaging his design process itself to allow anyone to create works like him or collaborate with him without his attendance, it was an important work proposing a creation style that requires no original author (not compatible with the current version of Illustrator, though).

What they attempted to address by releasing their creation processes would be a question "which of the artist or the software is more substantive in creation with the computer."  While it was Genpei Akasegawa who replied back to this question with his Thomason as stating that Art is possible without the artist but with observers alone, it might be Hideki Nakawaza who replied that Creation with a computer program has its substance neither in its output nor process, but in its description of the source code.  I think New-Method launched itself from this perspective.

Eric S. Raymond "Homesteading the Noosphere" > "The Problem of Ego"
Alistair Cockburn "The end of methodology"

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- Takahiro Hirama
no work
"No Work Work" will be executed by nobody at all.  Then "No Work Work" will be given the title.  Herein, a piece of "No Work Work" will have its single opportunity, given only once, for creation.

- Shogo Baba
Ascending Order Sort No. 2 "Shaker Sort"
There are a lot of methods in numerical sequence permutation, i.e., "sort" in the computer field.  When there are a lot of methods all applicable to solve a single problem, and when encompassing the whole possibilities is preferred to detecting the optimal one, it is to say that it aims at these methods themselves.  This work represents ascending order by "Shaker Sort."

- Hideki Nakazawa
Source and Execution No. 56 - 58
The sup or sub element in HTML, which displays certain letters as superscript or subscript, is a sort of physics tag.  It can be regarded as a vector upward or downward, thus allowing approach as the form.  Three works released here are its somewhat intuitive examples, No. 57 of which refers to the prime number table.  As a side note, four works similarly using superscript and subscript, from No. 14 to No. 17, were conceived from reflection on the form through fractal-like operations.


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