"New-Method" No. 7

"New-Method" No. 7

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No.7 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Tomoko Hojo for the contributor, who studies at the Tokyo National University of the Arts, with a major in Musical Environmental Creativity.  She has conducted event organization and research of music performance.


To Exist in Another World
Tomoko Hojo (Music Performance)

Methodicism resembles training.  But Methodicism is not pure training.
They pretended to be training while denying "enlightenment" which is supposed to be attained after the training.

Buddhist monks continue their training to achieve enlightenment.  This is an opportunity for those enduring austerities to renounce worldly desires and obtain true freedom.  On the other hand, Methodists found out the reason to continue to remain being there in order to live without craving for another dimension.  As a result, it is fairly observed, they came to justify the act in itself as its own goal and pursue the act as it is, instead of the act to achieve enlightenment.

The New-Methodicism is the renewed Methodicism.  However, New-Methodicism never resembles training at all.  They clearly demonstrate in practice that training does not bring about "enlightenment" and that even its pretence is unnecessary.

As New-Methodicist Manifesto directly indicates, the world without enlightenment only traces the surface.  There seems to be neither hesitation nor consideration at all.  They accomplish acts which most of people may find fair enough as they are supposed to be; put books in order with a bookshelf given, make the New Year shrine visit with New Year upcoming, call for the final income tax return with the end of the fiscal year approaching, and so on.  Without even suggesting any clue of noise behind at all, they stubbornly insist that the coin has neither head nor tail, as though being cuckoos of the cuckoo clock appearing regularly to strike the time.  I wonder if I'm still remaining in this world as I'm still feeling their works as "austerities."

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- Takahiro Hirama
The dog
Dog is a sort of Mammalia, classified as the Canidae family of the order Carnivora.
The Mammalia is one of the taxonomic classifications.
It supports itself with its own fingers with four legs, each of which has four pads and one metacarpal pad.

- Shogo Baba
Method of 4320 permutation generations by six numbers
This work translates the content of the program I made for the previous issue into the natural language that human beings use.  Seeing both machine and human languages equivalent in terms of command processing, it becomes possible to set the human language as the controlling system in order to regard it as the original.

- Hideki Nakazawa
Source and Execution No. 37 - 44
Algebra and geometry, which were regarded as different things in ancient times, have been studied as the same thing since the modern mathematics proved equation and construction to be essentially same.  In this series now, "Source" is like algebra while "Execution" like geometry.  In eight pieces exhibited here, lists were made in "Source" while obliques generated in "Execution."  This is what proves the sameness of equations for lists and constructions of obliques.  That is to say, lists and obliques were different things before HTML.  Lists and obliques are the same thing after this work.


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