"New-Method" No. 6

"New-Method" No. 6

We have published the email bulletin "New-Method" with our works and guest contributions, and this sixth issue features the musician and quantum physician Mark Sadgrove for the contributor.


Mark Sadgrove (Musician, Quantum Physician)

Homemade means?:

Anyone can make an instrument.  Even people with little interest in performing do it all the time, tapping on a biscuit tin or the top of a table.  If you can wire together a piezo and a guitar jack (or afford it's expensive twin, the contact mic) you can turn these everyday objects into amplified sound makers.

This DIY aspect of homemade instruments is part of their charm and doubtless there is a skill spectrum with DIYers at one end, and Stradavarius at the other.  However, for me, the true value in making your own sound making device arises from a more sophisticated concept.  I'm thinking of something that famous physicist Richard Feynman said: "That which I cannot build, I do not understand."  Conversely, with a homemade instrument, there's a higher chance that you understand the way that the sound is created and that your audience too will better understand the source of the sound when they see you perform.

Scientific methods:

Furthermore, there's another way that instrument building mirrors an important aspect of science.  You need to realize a concept which exists only in your head by creating an object in the physical world.  For those outside the scientific world who are interested in rigour, this may sound less fundamental than the widely known scientific method: conjecture and test.  And yet in the world of science, it seems to me that another method is more important: build and discover.  That is, conceive of and create a unique object that allows new natural phenomena to be observed.

Instrument building conforms almost perfectly to this alternative scientific prescription. You conceptualise an instrument, build it and discover the sound it makes, which is often different to the sound you might have imagined.

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- Takahiro Hirama
The bird
Bird is the generic term for the bird.
The bird is one of the taxonomic classifications.
It is the animal that belongs to Aves of Chordate.
It is an oviparity and its evolution suits life in flight.

- Shogo Baba
4320 permutation generations by six numbers
A computer program is copyrighted as embodiment of certain caliculation process.
However, if the output doesn't contain its original, the essence of the original exists in the very program code itself.  In order to demonstrate it, I dared to make a program code, which is supposed to be run on HTML, into a picture image.  Since it is the original in its minimum form, the existence of the original is evident.

- Hideki Nakazawa
Source and Execution No. 21 - 36
Topological geometry does not concern quantity.  Euclidean geometry does concern quantity.  Tables are topological in themselves, while their appearances are Euclidean.  That is to say, appearances in "Execution" will change when the quantities of entry differ even with the identical tables in "Source."  This time, I exhibit the combinations of four different tables and four different quantities of entry.  Apparent difference generated here will evoke pleasure.


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