"New-Method" No. 4

"New-Method" No. 4

We have published the email bulletin "New-Method" with our works and a guest contribution, and this fourth issue features the musician Takumi Ikeda, ex-The Method Machine for the contributor, who improvises and composes with programming languages.


We Do What Should Be Done
Takumi Ikeda (Musician, Ex-The Method Machine)

We live everyday while spending time and money on useless things.  It is difficult to know correctly what should be done in advance, thus it is generally seen difficult to do what should be done.

First of all, it is quite questionable whether it is really possible to know what should be done in advance.  It is said that the most of what we do everyday are carried out regardless of our free will or conscious mind (The "Libet's delay" issue).  Or, it is also quite questionable whether the free will belongs to oneself or someone else.  In the end, what should be done is what is done as what should be done.

We are not good at seeing things in themselves.  We often think "What's the idea?" unwittingly.  If it has no idea at all, then what are we going to do?  It is impossible to refer to a thing in itself in terms of its inherent idea.  Also, nothing assures that it will achieve something.

Nevertheless, there is no necessity to think "What's the idea?" unwittingly about what is done as what should be done.  Because, what is done as what should be done is inherently what should be done.  Everything is evident, no room for doubt at all.

What should be done is what should be carried out immediately.  We arrange coins in rows as what should be done.  We drink liquid ink as what should be done.  We talk about memories of yesterday and 60 years ago indiscriminately as what should be done.  Everything is evident, no room for doubt at all.

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- Takahiro Hirama
The size of one angle when two straight lines intersect with its adjacent angles equal
2 is a natural number that follows 1 and precedes 3.
The straight line is a trajectory without either curve or volume.
It is 90 degrees.

- Shogo Baba
4320 copyright notices by the combination of the sextuplet
While a number of works have been produced along with growth of the internet, measures for rights-holders have been extended focusing on the movement.  However, executing the combination of copyright notices will result in a work not protected by copyright as a "mere execution of combination."

- Hideki Nakazawa
Source and Execution No. 14 - 17
I composed a piece of drawing "Single Curved Line With 768 Inflection Points" in 1997 from reflection on the form.  I composed a piece of music "Monophony With 768 Musical Tones Each Accompanied by A Grace Note" in 1998 from reflection on the form.  I composed a piece of word "Single Word With 768 Displaced Letters" in 2011 from reflection on the form.  "Single Word With 768 Displaced Letters" is No. 17 of the series "Source and Execution."


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Published on Jan. 4, 2011

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