A Study on Matiere
Yayoi Kusama 1980s vs Hideki Nakazawa 1990

Fri 2 July - Sat 17 July, 2010
12-6pm  closed on Sun, Mon and National Holidays
Gallery Cellar
1-21-14 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
tel +81-(0)3-3563-8003

Hideki Nakazawa's "Watermelon Bust (Huge Grave No. 1)" and 
"Hanaichimonme (Huge Grave No. 2)," going to be exhibited at 
this show, were first shown at his solo exhibition named 
"Huge Grave" in January 1990.

By emphasizing computer-made-jugged pixels which he considered 
matiere of CG (Computer Graphics), Nakazawa had produced very 
important works on a par with Kusama's 80's.


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- New large prints of Baka [Stupid] CG will be exhibited at the 
above two-persons show.
- Solo Show "Huge Grave" Jan 1990, HB Gallery (Harajuku, Tokyo)
- Review by Kae Ishii. "Art Patents" (English)
- Following information can be read only in Japanese.
"Essay on Invisible Functions" (Easy Abstraction) (1996) / 
History of Japanese Yo-ga / Summary of Fine Art / Talk on Taro 
Okamoto / Bigakko

Hideki Nakazawa

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