Oil Painting 2008

Hello Everyone,

My solo show will be held at Gallery Cellar in Nagoya.
My new hand-paintings will be shown for the first time 
in twenty years, my new oil paintings, for the first 
time in twenty-seven years.

Hideki Nakazawa
"Oil Painting 2008"
Sep 6 - Sep 20, 2008
reception at 6pm on Sat, Sep 6.
gallery hours 2-7pm, Tue-Sat.
Gallery Cellar
1-5-10 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku Nagoya, Japan
t&f +81-52-971-1780 http://gallerycellar.jp/

By the way:
- Solo Show at Gallery Okinawa Nov 15 - Nov 30, 2008.
- Kae Ishii's book "Art by Hideki Nakazawa" is on sale.
- The second edition of my book "Contemporary Art 
History: Japan" (in Jap / Eng) will be published soon.


Hideki Nakazawa

[Sep 4, 2008] Wrote.
If you cannot click the buttons on the top page of Gallery Cellar, visit http://gallerycellar.jp/home_e.html

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