Contemporary Art History: Japan

Dear friends,

My third book on art history is now to be published 
on January 10, 2008 written in Japanese and English.
Please buy!

Contemporary Art History: Japan
author: Hideki Nakazawa
publisher: Aloalo International

In Japanese and English
Chap 1 The State of Art After Defeat in World War II
Chap 2 Gutai, Kyushu-ha, Art Informel
Chap 3 Neo Dada and Hi-red Center
Chap 4 Mono-ha, Conceptualists, Bikyoto
Chap 5 Heta-Uma, Parco, Supergirls
Chap 6 From Kansai New Wave to Tokyo Pop
Chap 7 Superflat, Pleasure and Method

By the way: 
I would like to say thank you to those who came 
to my retrospective solo show held at Bunkamura 
Gallery in Tokyo, which ended on January 7. 
I am participating in a group show held at 
Marianne Boesky Gallery in Chelsea, New York.
The Masked Portrait
Curated by Midori Nishizawa
January 11 - February 9, 2008
Opening reception January 10, 2008 6 - 8pm


Hideki Nakazawa

[Jan 10, 2008] Wrote.
[Jan 27, 2008] I uploaded INDEX FOR THE ARTISTS IN THE MASKED PORTRAIT EXHIBITION. The group show that I am now participating in at Marianne Boesky Gallery will run through February 9.
[Jan 29, 2008] I uploaded the information at the page for Books, CDs, etc. I have changed the name of this page from "Goods" to "Books" today.

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