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Art Patents by Hideki Nakazawa

Hello, this is Hideki.
I am presenting two real existing patents to this show named "Aporia."

The idea for the patents itself is not logically impossible. In this thread, my patents are never being aporia. However, the idea is actually impossible because its realization requires a strong support from a large-scale enterprise. My patents can be called aporia only in such saying.

What kind of patents do you have?

Please see the catalogue. My patents are on bitmap 3D computer graphics. One is on bitmap 3D software, the other is on bitmap 3D modeler.

Why have you decided to secure these patents?

The reason is simple. For me, the idea itself is my art work. However, idea which cannot be realized is intangible as it is. I have to make it being tangible in order to claim its existence. The best way is to be patented because patents guarantee idea itself while copyrights guarantee only tangible things. You know copyrights do not guarantee any idea. Moreover, patents also guarantee the invention's originality, novelty and usefulness. Having been patented proves that I am not a mad scientist.

Do you think that, one day, the ideas will be realized?

Yes. I believe the ideas for my patents will be realized some day. Or, I claim the ideas must be realized some day. In the history of philosophy, ideaism by Plato and atomism by Demokritos are the two main items since the age of Greek. In the history of analog 2 dimensional art, drawing by lines and painting towards pointillism are the two main items since the age of Renaissance. In the history of analog 3 dimensional art, carving from marble and modeling in clay are the two main items since the age of Renaissance. In the history of digital 2 dimensional art, vector graphics by drawing software and bitmap or raster graphics by painting software using pixels, atoms in the computer graphics, are the two main items since around 1990. In the history of digital 3 dimensional art, vector, that is surface graphics and bitmap, that is volume graphics using voxels, volume pixels, 3D graphics atoms, MUST BE the two main items in the recent future, I believe.

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