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Nakazawa Hideki Hideki Nakazawa's Second Stage: Exhibition of His Silly CG From 1990 to 1996

Gallery Cellar, Nagoya
May 7 - 28, 2005

Opening Reception: 6pm, Sat, May 7

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Talk Event "Hideki Nakazawa's Second Stage"
* Interviewer: Ryoko Kamiyama (curator, Fuchu Art Museum)
4pm, Sat, May 14 at Gallery Cellar

[Simultaneous Show]
Hideki Nakazawa Exhibition "Art Patents"
May 7 - 28, 2005 at Gallery Cellar

      Hideki Nakazawa, an artist known through the activities of "Methodicism," used to work widely as the first Japanese computer graphics illustrator in Heta-Uma (Bad-Good) style for seven years since 1990 after producing his early acrylic paintings in 1980s. His nonsense computer graphics which dared to tease computers in days when people still valued computers were called "Silly CG" (Silly Computer Graphics), which became popular and had a big impact in related industries. However, this activity came to an end in 1997 when he became an artist.
      Gallery Cellar is pleased to present Hideki Nakazawa's solo exhibition focusing on his "Second Stage," which is to follow the exhibition "Hideki Nakazawa's Starting Point: Acrylic Paintings in 1980s" held at the end of last year. His silly but pop still CG images that emphasized jaggedness, his simulation art works which made references to art history, and his multimedia titles which involved floppy disk publishing are all physical evidence which gave rise to the mad trend of the early 1990s, "From the Analogue to the Digital." At the same time, they were also the fruits of Nakazawa's ideological adventures in the past, who later proclaimed an opposing style of work called "Method Painting."
      The "Silly CG = Heta-Uma + Techno" which will be unveiled at this exhibition after more than ten years since its conception should not be missed in order to understand the present state of Nakazawa's art, which went through a big swing between sub and high cultures. This exhibition will be held simultaneously with Hideki Nakazawa Exhibition "Art Patents" held at the other space of the gallery.

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